Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February has sent shock waves across the world. Many observers have raised the concern if a similar attack could happen to Taiwan because Chinese leaders have repeatedly indicated that the self-governed democracy is an “inalienable” part of China. They would use military force to resolve cross-strait disputes if necessary. 

In an interview with the Voice of America, Dr. T.Y. Wang, University Professor and chair of the Department of Politics and Government, analyzed the implications of Russian invasion of Ukraine to China and Taiwan relations and Beijing’s policy toward the island country. Wang indicated that the war in Ukraine and any possible conflict over Taiwan are not exactly the same.  The island country’s strategic location and the 100-mile-wide Taiwan Strait provide more protection to Taiwan. The U.S. and other neighboring countries are likely to come to Taiwan’s aid. 

While Russia’s experience may offer a cautionary tale to Beijing leaders, Wang warned, they are not likely to give up their ambition to absorb Taiwan.