University Professor Dr. T.Y. Wang was interviewed by the WGLT regarding the implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to East Asian stability. Since Russiaʼs attack on Ukraine, there has been a concern that the crisis in Ukraine would embolden China, which claims that Taiwan is a part of the country.  For many decades, Beijing leaders have vowed to unify the island country with the Chinese mainland, with force if necessary. A catchphrase, “Today’s Ukraine, Tomorrow Taiwan,” has since emerged.

Wang argued that, while both Ukraine and Taiwan have democratically elected governments and have to confront powerful menacing neighbors, the two countries are in different circumstances. Taiwan has a much stronger defensive capability with robust support from the U.S. Beijing leaders are also taking note of the strength of the concerted responses from Western democracies.  Ukrainians’ resolve to defend their homeland, however, is an important lesson for the people of Taiwan to learn.