Sustaining over two decades of annual symposia is no small accomplishment. 25th & Change commemorates 25 years of the annual Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Student Research Symposium at Illinois State University through a series of dynamic artifacts and remembrances. Composed of symposium programs, advertisements, posters, photographs, and an assortment of ephemera, the exhibit makes material the evolution of the symposium from its beginnings as a small, program-wide symposium to the large event that it is today.  

The exhibit offers a chance to see many changes documented over the years, from the presence of older technology such as slide carousels and overhead projectors to the changing design aesthetics of the promotional posters. Many of these posters were created by graphic design students in the Design Streak Studio, so the materials on view capture student involvement beyond research panels and performances.  

The objects on display, including documentation of student projects from various years, also trace the history of research, activism, and creative production at Illinois State.

“The Annual WGSS Symposium represents a cross section of women’s history, performance, scholarship, and activism over the past 25 years, not just in the U.S., but at Illinois State University,” said Jenna Goldsmith, assistant director of the WGSS program. “Having participated in the symposium as an undergraduate and graduate student presenter, volunteer, and now an administrator, I’ve seen the symposium from 365 degrees and am so proud of how its grown and evolved over the years. The 25th anniversary of the College of Arts and Sciences signature spring program is something for the entire Illinois State University community to celebrate.” 

25th & Change: Looking Back at 25 Years of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Student Research Symposium  

March 10 through May 7, 2022
Milner Library, Floor 6
25th Annual WGSS Symposium event will be held online from April 1-14, 2022.   

For more information, please contact exhibit organizers Rebecca Fitzsimmons at or Jenna Goldsmith at

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