The Civil Service Council will be seeking nominations for new council representatives during the March 21-April 1 period.

Nominate yourself or someone else by following the nomination directions at during the nomination period.

Check the Council website for listings of each of the five (5) groups. One (1) seat, of three, is available for each group with two (2) seats available for Group 4 this year. Each seat is for a three (3)-year term, one seat in Group 4 is a two (2) year term. All non-probationary civil service employees are eligible to be nominated. Use the web form to make your nomination. The election will take place from May 2-13 and the term begins July 1, 2022.

Give voice to your colleagues and show your support for shared governance on campus by nominating a worthy candidate to serve on the Civil Service Council! You can learn more about the council and its responsibilities by visiting