The School of Communication at Illinois State University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students. Applications for 2022 School of Communication scholarships are now available online.

Additionally, new scholarships have been added to pique the interests of students and enrich their collegiate experience through the School of Communication. 

Dr. Steve Hunt, director of the School, works closely with ISU’s director of development, Kate Childs, in creating new scholarships and looking for ways to expand the support that the School of Communication can provide to students. There is a wide variety of scholarships offered to students seeking assistance.  

“We are actually very fortunate in that we have a large number of scholarships that have been built up over the years, and they are appropriate for every major that we have within the School of Communication,” said Hunt.   

Dr. Steve Hunt, professor and executive director of the School of Communication.
Dr. Steve Hunt, professor and executive director of the School of Communication

Scholarships offered through the School of Communication are accessible to all students. Hunt says they’ve focused on ways that make applying for scholarships easier and more transparent. The School of Communication is looking to increase applications and build scholarship awareness among its students.  

“It’s not a heavy lift to apply for these scholarships. I would tell students you have everything to gain by getting a scholarship from the School of Communication, so definitely apply,” said Hunt.  

New scholarships have been added to expand student opportunity and elevate the chances for students looking to obtain a scholarship. The newest scholarship that has been implemented is the Les and Shannon Vann Scholarship. This endowed scholarship provides financial assistance for students who are involved with TV-10 through the School of Communication. Qualifications for this scholarship include a minimum GPA of 3.0, and the student must be an incoming junior or senior. Additional information on this scholarship can be found here.  

Taken together, the purpose of these scholarships is to allow students to focus on their studies and contributions not only in the School of Communication, but in the university in its entirety. The benefits of obtaining a scholarship through the School of Communication include resume building, distinguishing achievement, and providing networking opportunities as well as connections.  

Furthermore, obtaining a scholarship offers deserving students the opportunity to ease financial burden and offers a sense of support. Scholarships provide a great opportunity for high-achieving students to secure money toward their education.  

“Everyone needs money to help offset the cost of college, whether it’s buying books or any college-related things a student has to pay for,” said Hunt.  

Hunt says scholarships offered through the School of Communication are segmented by major or area of interest. The scholarship opportunities are abundant. It’s important to keep this in mind if you are currently a declared major within the School of Communication and looking for assistance. 

“Some scholarships are very specifically targeted, like for someone working at WZND, and others are much more global like the John Baldwin Leadership Award that any major can apply for and recognizes great work that they’ve done in terms of leadership,” said Hunt.  

When submitting scholarship applications, it’s important to be mindful of what each scholarship is looking for. The scholarships offered through the School of Communication have specific qualifications and requirements for applicants. It’s important to follow all the directions on the application and include any additional material required for each scholarship application. 

“The more that students can tailor their responses to the qualifications of that specific scholarship funds, the more successful they’re going to be,” said Hunt. “Make sure that what you’re submitting really provides evidence that you’re worthy of that particular scholarship.” 

Obtaining a scholarship through the School of Communication provides students with assistance and a sense of achievement for their efforts in their education. For more information about the scholarships, click here.  

Scholarships applications this year should be submitted no later than April 4.