Politics and Government alum Sohel Rana M.S. ’21 and Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz have published a paper on the Rohingya refugee crisis. More than 1 million members of the Rohingya community of Myanmar fled the country in 2017 and have taken refuge in Bangladesh. The paper, “Securitization of the Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh,” is published in the Journal of Asian and African Studies. The paper examines the process of securitization of the Rohingya refugees. It employs securitization theory.

In contrast to the existing studies which presented the securitization of Rohingyas in Bangladesh as a recent phenomenon, Rana and Riaz argue that that the securitization process began in the 1990s and widely expanded in the 2010s. The paper also demonstrates that securitization of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh has been done by employing both discursive (speech acts) and non-discursive securitizing practices.