The Broadcast Education Association (BEA) is an academic media organization, promoting insights, excellence in media production, and career advancement for educators, students, and professionals. Illinois State University’s School of Communication is proud to have three students who won scholarships in this nationwide competition. 

Tanvir Kaur: Abe Voron Scholarship 

Tanvir Kaur is from California but moved to and has been living in Illinois since 2018. She is attending Illinois State University with a major in mass media major, focusing on management, promotions, and sales, and a minor in film studies. Kaur currently interns at WZND as a studio manager and WGLT as an intern on the audio team.  

“Financially this scholarship benefits me because I don’t have to worry as much about the cost of my education,” said Kaur. “It additionally provides me with connections to BEA networks, such as past winners of this scholarship. It is a fantastic opportunity I have been given.”  

Through ISU, Kaur has found a place where she can grow creatively and professionally. It gave her a platform where she can explore multiple areas of interest and make a career out of it. Kaur has a career goal to pursue creative sound design for films in the future, thanks to being exposed to sound design through her minor in film studies.  

Amber Kuhn: Abe Voron Scholarship

Amber Kuhn is a journalism major from Sterling. She continues to explore the world of broadcast media and wants to be an on-air personality in the future or a news anchor. Kuhn has worked her way up to being a specialty show host and director of social media for WZND. Kuhn hosts and produces “Flashback Friday,” a weekly show aired every Friday at noon for WZND.  

“It was cool to earn the BEA scholarship. It shows what I am doing at ISU is paying off. If I am not in classes, I am in that station all day, so it was really rewarding to be recognized for all the work I am putting in,” said Kuhn. “It means a lot that my advisors had faith in me and pushed me to apply, plus complete strangers on a huge board of trustees recognized me for my work. It makes me feel confident to pursue this career and this field.”  

Kuhn said she felt welcomed at ISU. Joining different RSOs (registered student organizations) on campus helped her find herself and her place. WZND has shown Kuhn who she is and whom she wants to be.  

Fletcher Peterson: John Bayliss Award  

Fletcher Peterson is a sophomore at Illinois State University, studying journalism with a minor in French. He is currently working as a program director and an on-air host for WZND. Peterson hails from Wheaton and grew up listening to WBEZ in Chicago. It has been a lifelong dream of Peterson to be a reporter or host for a big-city NPR station.  

“This scholarship has benefitted me financially because this is money that I do not have to pay later to complete my degree. This specific scholarship means more to me than that because I love radio, I love ISU, and love being a member of WZND,” Peterson said. “I have really grown an appreciation for this industry. So having my achievements at WZND recognized by a national organization that is dedicated to radio is wonderful.”  

The adage you can make a big school feel small has been true for Peterson. He has enjoyed finding a community of people at ISU. During fall 2020, programming and news for WZND were the only station teams that had in-person operations, making it possible for Peterson to benefit from that in-person experience for himself. The thing Peterson loves most about WZND are the people, as the culture of family is huge there. Plus, he loves getting to work closely with all his friends.  

For questions about scholarships please reach out to your academic advisor for questions and recommendations. Additional BEA Scholarship information can be found here.