February 2022

New Employees:

Jordan Betson, Interior Decorator Intern, Facilities Planning

Elliot East, IT Support Assoc, Client Services

Ryan Giles, Building Service Worker, Janitorial

Antonio Kayamba, IT Support Assoc, Mennonite College of Nursing

Kim Lawson, Admissions Records Asst, Registrar

Maddi Loiselle, Library Specialist, Milner Library

Mike Schlemmer, IT Tech Assoc, Office of Technology Solutions

Dan Simon, Emergency Management Cd Intern, Emergency Management

Hannah Uranich, Customer Service Asst, Superintendence

Brenda Yoder, Administrative Aide, Dean of Business


Mamie Bekofe, Culinary Worker III, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Kristen Bernas, Office Administrator, Accounting

Stacy Brown, Business Administrative Assoc, Comptroller’s Office

Tom Chiodo, Asst Supt Building Maintenance, Bldg Maint Bond Rev

Jonathan Davis, Police Corporal, University Police Department

Deguene Fall, Culinary Worker V, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Jennah Grove, Office Manager, Clinical Exp in Teacher Educ

Clay Gruenwald, Business Administrative Assoc, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Terry Jackson, Program Coordinator, Clinical Exp in Teacher Educ

Micah Kuchan, IT Tech Assoc, Infrastructure Op & Networking

Loren LaMar, Police Corporal, University Police Department

Rhonda Lovell, Human Resource Associate, Human Resources

Lexi Marquez, Human Resource Officer, Human Resources

Patrick McGuire, Admissions and Records Coord, Registrar

Yvette Mulunga, Culinary Worker III, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Calvin Ross, Plumber Foreman, Building Maintenance

Marion Sakaluk, Admissions and Records Assoc, International Pathways

Michele Svensson, Customer Service Spec, Parking and Transportation

Janet Taylor, Admissions and Records Officer, Registrar

Margie Yoder, Bakery Associate, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality


Angela Cowles, Office Support Specialist, University College

Erin Dwyer, IT Tech Assoc, Application Services

David Krueger, Financial Aid Assoc, Financial Aid office