Appears In

Sharon (Schleeter) Jenkins ’60 is retired from teaching; resides with her husband, Donald, in Godfrey.

Judith (Veech) Nelson ’62, M.S. ’63, retired after working as a high school counselor, student teacher coordinator at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and owning a business; resides with her husband, Robert, in Swansea.

Gordon Petry ’64, M.S. ’71, is an English instructor at Bradley University; he and his wife, Patricia (Blake) ’64, met in an ISU English class; couple has four children who are ISU graduates; couple resides in Pekin.

Mary Wiberg, M.A. ’64, is retired from a career in gender equity at the Iowa Department of Education; served as executive director of the California Commission on the Status of Women; resides in Tabernash, Colorado.

Lee Davis ’65, M.S. ’69, retired after 25 years in public education; operates a small business that does reverse painting on glass; resides with his wife, Kathleen, in York, Pennsylvania.

Diane Isenberg ’66 retired as a business educator; resides in Riverwoods.

Barbara Kanies ’66 works part-time for Midwest Wealth Management as a client service associate; resides in Schaumburg.

Karen (Frye) Jones ’67 retired as a teaching assistant at Metcalf Elementary School; resides with her husband, Ronald, in Bloomington.

Ronald Williams ’67 is a retired school administrator; resides with his wife, Jane, in Canton.

Valarie (Pichman) Bryant ’68 is retired; resides in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Mary Conner ’68 retired from working as a special education teacher with Villa Park School District 45; resides in Lombard.

Richard Kaufman ’68, M.S. ’71, completed a doctorate at Vanderbilt University; CEO and owner of Specialty Assays Inc.; resides with his wife, Shuhua, in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

Eric Magnuson ’68 retired from the Illinois State Board of Education Division of Early Childhood; former kindergarten teacher in Lee County, Florida; resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Joyce (Rients) Aggertt ’69 continues farming; widowed and resides in San Jose.

Robert Dougherty ’69 is a retired public school educator and administrator; resides with his

wife, Ruth, in Rockford.


Connie (Buhrow) Klein ’70 retired from teaching math at the secondary level; was among the first group to move into Jefferson House in Watterson Towers; resides with her husband, Steven, in Morton.

Angela (Sheehan) Onuma ’70, M.S. ’71, is retired from teaching; resides with her husband, David, in Carlock.

Steve Person ’70 is retired as a professor in sport management and recreation at Florida International University; previously served as superintendent of recreation for the city of Fort Lauderdale; resides with his wife, Laurel, in The Villages, Florida.

Frank Puleo ’70 is retired from Homeland Security; resides with his wife, Bobbie, in Tampa, Florida.

Marjean Spayer ’70 is a practicing psychologist; resides with her husband, Robert Lebsock, in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Bill Cummings ’71, M.S. ’78, retired after 40 years in higher education; professor emeritus at Northern Illinois University; resides with his wife, Jennie, in DeKalb.

Stephanie (Sobotkiewicz) Ganshert ’72 retired from teaching math at Monona Grove; resides with her husband, Michael, in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

Karen (Price) Kerns ’72 retired as a high school guidance counselor; resides with her husband, David, in Glendale, Arizona.

Darlene Kluka ’72, M.A. ’76, retired as dean of the School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences; is a research associate with the University of Pretoria in South Africa; resides in Gonzales, Louisiana.

Diane McVicker ’72 retired from public school education; resides in Greeley, Colorado.

Robert Bond ’73 retired after serving in 10 corporations of the DOW 30 Industrials; resides in

Castle Rock, Colorado.

Kathryn Gossard ’73, M.S. ’00, retired from McLean County Unit District 5; resides with her husband, Stephen, in Bloomington.

Bill Horst ’73 is a software development engineer in testing for Trimble Inc.; resides with his wife, Channah, in Louisville, Colorado.

Linda (Searight) Muranko ’73 retired from pharmaceutical sales; resides with her husband,

Lee, in Perry, Georgia.

Marilyn (James) Nowak ’73 retired after working in education 44 years; widowed and resides in Oak Lawn.

Daniel Rozak ’73 retired as a judge for the State of Illinois 12th Circuit; resides with his wife, Deborah, in Custer Park.

Susan (McIntee) Schwieger ’73, M.S. ’76, retired from the University of Northern Iowa after 32 years; resides in Waterloo, Iowa.

Mary (Doscotch) Stockam ’73 retired after 34 years of teaching in Illinois, Arkansas, and Missouri; resides in Webb City, Missouri.

Linda (King) Williams ’73 is retired; her husband, Michael ’73, is retired from ministry; they met when running against each other in an ISU student election; celebrated 50 years of marriage; resides in Augusta, Georgia.

Gerald Lon Henderson ’74, M.S. ’79, and his wife, Nancy (Chrisman) ’82, are retired educators; they have one grandchild, Maeve Marie; couple resides in Danville.

Bill Swanson ’74, M.S. ’80, Ed.D. ’89, is an adjunct professor of sociology at Alfred State College; resides with his wife, Jayne, in Belfast, New York.

Abdon Ackad, M.S. ’75, is retired from working with the U.S. Secret Service; resides with his wife, Robin, in Derwood, Maryland.

Patty (Isome) Jarrell ’75 retired from Naperville School District 203; her husband, Michael ’74, retired from the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago; both are enjoying their first grandchild born to their son, Tim Jarrell, MBA ’11; couple resides in Naperville.

Pamela (Malone) Mettler ’75 is a fiber artist and member of two church craft groups; resides with her husband, Mark, in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Julie Stoerger ’75, M.S. ’80, retired from teaching; resides in West Chicago.

Michele (Kremer) Walsh ’75, M.S. ’82, is retired from Kankakee School District 111; son is an ISU graduate; resides with her husband, Mark, in Bourbonnais.

Mark Wright ’75 retired from teaching agriculture at Georgetown-Ridge Farm High School; retired as a crop claims adjuster for COUNTRY Financial; resides with his wife, Joyce, in Georgetown.

Larry Bafford ’77 is the vice president of field operations with Christy-Foltz Inc.; resides with his wife, Michele, in Decatur.

Dennis Blaase ’77 is a category consultant with Republic National Distributors; he and his wife,

Donna (Hoscheit) ’77, have been married 44 years; couple resides in Cypress, Texas.

Barb Gallick ’77, M.S. ’91, retired from working at ISU Child Care Center as a team teacher; resides with her husband, Allan Mays, in Normal.

Gale (Marr) Myers ’77 is a fine arts photographer who shows and sells her work through the Springfield Art Association’s Collective Gallery and online; retired as owner of Davidsan’s Japanese Maples in New Berlin; resides in Springfield.

Nachelle (Ehman) Richard ’77 is a certified registered nurse anesthetist; employed by Midwest Anesthesia Consultants; resides with her husband, Phil, in Towanda.

Gale Sheehan ’77 is director of the non-profit Christian International Apostolic Network; resides with his wife, Shelly, in Freeport, Florida.

Deborah (Davis) Yates ’77, M.S. ’82, owns and operates Deb Yates Travel business; resides with her husband, Richard, in Sarasota, Florida.

Carol (Robert) Harms, M.S. ’78, retired from Belleville East High School; active volunteer serving as director of the Illinois Association of Home and Community Education; elected to the Red Bud CU District 132 school board; resides with her husband, Clifford, in Red Bud.

Pamela (Coleman) Nesmith ’78 retired after 43 years as an elementary and middle school math teacher; resides with her husband, Eddie, in Columbia, South Carolina.

Sally (Tone) Pyne ’78, M.S. ’87, Ph.D. ’99, is retired; serves as an elected Normal Township Trustee; her husband, Ed ’71, owns the Normalite and Lexingtonian; couple resides in Normal.

Joyce (Ackerman) Baergen ’79, retired after teaching 35 years in the U.S. and Canada; resides with her husband, Donald, in Alberta, Canada.

Penny (Bond) Cheever ’79 is retied from teaching business at Milford High School; resides

with her husband, Craig, in Milford.

Bob Koch ’79 is semi-retired; part-time international geological consultant with DeLoitte Overseas Projects under the U.S. Department of State; resides with his wife, Anita, in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

Thomas Machalek ’79 is a senior account manager of strategic development with RR Donnelley; resides with his wife, Barbara, in Wheaton.

Sammie Maxwell ’79 is retired from AT&T; resides with his wife, Patti, in Evergreen Park.

Cindy (Thompson) Schaumburg ’79 is the director of quality with Carle BroMenn; resides with her husband, Rick, in Bloomington.

Jean (Love) Sharp ’79 has served more than 32 years in the educational technology industry;

retired as chief academic officer at Apex Learning; owns consulting business Sharp Solutions

and Services Group that supports classroom and online teaching and learning; resides in Medina, Minnesota.

Joyce (McCumber) Tumea ’79 is a self-employed artist who draws portraits; had a newspaper column and local cable television show for 20 years; writes and presents women’s history programs, poems, songs, and skits; member of the Historical Society and the American Association of University Women; enjoys international travel, three children, and two grandchildren; resides with her husband, Tony, in Downers Grove.

Janie Wilson-Cook ’79 completed a master’s in art history at Northern Illinois University; retired from Northern as a multimedia communications specialist; exhibits her acrylic canvas paintings of suffragists; resides with her husband, Randy, in Rockford.


Barbara (DeAcetis) Golden ’80 retired after 25 years as an educator; taught business education 20 years in District 204; resides with her husband, Bennett, in Joliet.

Lisa Hadler ’80 is the pastor of Brule Ogallala Parish of the United Church of Christ; president of the United Church of Christ Nebraska Conference; resides in Ogallala, Nebraska.

Carol (Peterson) Hilborn ’80 retired from Berryhill Public Schools after a 34-year career; taught elementary music and assisted with the high school marching band; named Teacher of the Year for the district in 2013; resides with her husband, John, in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Kevin Kaisershot ’80. M.M. ’84, retired from his career as a music educator; resides with his wife, Jamie, in Aurora.

Michael Krickmire, M.F.A ’80, is a lecturer in the Department of Theatre and Music Studies at State University of New York at Brockport; resides with his wife, Mary, in Fairport, New York.

Elizabeth (Sklenar) Pruitt ’80 retired from working as a special education teacher; resides with

her husband, Michael Colagrossi, in Bolingbrook.

Kevin Waszak ’80 retired from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles as the health and safety manager; resides with his wife, Cindy, in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Janice (Collins) Burch ’81 is a special education teacher at Tri-Valley CUSD 3 in Downs; resides in Normal.

Rose (Porrovecchio) Mansell ’81 met her husband, Tim ’81, at ISU; both were first-generation graduates; both are retired and reside in Goodyear, Arizona.

Todd McGregor ’81 retired after 34 years as a director with Exelon; resides with his wife, Sarah, in Landenberg, Pennsylvania.

Anthony Oatis ’81, M.S. ’84, is a security specialist with OPI and Associates; authored the book Your History, Your Future: An Insider’s Guide to Background Investigations; resides in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Mary (Kendall) Rutherford ’81, M.S. ’85, retired after teaching 40 years with nine in Illinois, two in Tennessee, and 29 in Minnesota; resides with her husband, Mark, in Shoreview, Minnesota.

Liz (Krajeski) Clark ’82 retired from Napa State Hospital as a program director; rebuilding her home that was lost in the Lake-Napa Unit wildfires in 2020; resides in Napa, California.

William Frank ’82 retired as a DNA analysis technical leader with the Illinois State Police Forensic Sciences Command; works as a forensic science liaison for the University of Illinois-Champaign; resides with his wife, Karla, in Chatham.

Kathleen (Raffel) Granitz ’82 is a paraprofessional educator with Preschool for All in Mundelein School District 75; her daughter, Zoey Granitz ’21, is an alumna; resides with her husband, Patrick, in Mundelein.

Rose (Scott) Meade ’82 resides with her husband, David, who is a clinical pharmacy manager for the Army in Germany.

Gretchen (Happach) Polenzani ’82 has worked more than 30 years in the kindergarten classroom; authored the book Learn to Adapt, Adapt to Learn: Confessions of a Kindergarten Teacher During the COVID-19 Pandemic; resides with her husband in Wadsworth.

Phil Gresens ’83 is a senior loss control consultant with United Heartland; resides with his wife,

Kay, in Apex, North Carolina.

Aisha (Fofana) Ibrahim, M.A. ’83, Ph.D. ’06, is an associate professor and assistant deputy vice chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone; resides with her husband, Abdullah, in Washington, D.C.

Lynn Molitor ’83 retired after 33 years as a special education teacher; works as a tour leader with Women Traveling Together; resides in Erie, Colorado.

Elizabeth Petrovski ’83 is a finance and oversight specialist with the U.S. Agency for International Development; oversees the UN World Food Program on behalf of U.S. government; resides in Rome, Italy.

Jami Simon, M.S. ’83, is an actress; played Parfay in “Economy” episode of The Dream; resides in New York, New York.

Terence Conlon ’84 retired after 30 years with the University of Illinois Division of Intercollegiate Athletics; worked as director of food and beverages; resides with his wife, Cindy, in Philo.

Lynne Haeffele, M.S. ’84, Ph.D. ’09, retired from ISU’s College of Education as director of the Center for the Study of Education Policy; resides in LeRoy.

Alice (Kaufmann) Lawry ’84 is a vice president of corporate tax at Protective Life Insurance Company; resides with her husband, Michael, in Hoover, Alabama.

Lynn (Reichert) Purdin ’84 is the community and innovation manager with Utah STEM Action Center; resides in Cottonwood Heights, Utah.

Jennifer Ahrens ’85 retired after 30 years of service as a police officer; is a licensed professional counselor at Barnum Counseling; works with first responders; resides in Union.

Charla (Mulbrandon) Boles, Ed.D. ’85, is the director of special education for the Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School District; resides with her husband, Garrett, in Groton, Massachusetts.

Willie (Bonnie) DeShong ’85 retired from the DuSable Museum of African American History;

president of Bonnie’s Eye to the Sky Inc.; resides in Chicago.

Gregory Godsil ’85 is a director of sales for LifeLine Foods LLC; resides with his wife, Joyce, in Pensacola, Florida.

Karen Klemens ’85 celebrated her 10th anniversary as the owner of Mother Moo Creamery, an

ice cream and pie shop in Sierra Madre, California; resides with her husband, Matthew, in

Pasadena, California.

Birgit (Pohlmann) Mertes ’85 teaches kindergarten for Oglesby Public Schools 125; married to her husband, Sam, 28 years; daughter Missy is completing senior year at ISU; couple resides in Oglesby.

Dan Moushon ’85 is the Appalachian League president for Major League Baseball; resides with his wife, Julie, in Durham, North Carolina.

Julie (Wittich) Scholl ’85 is vice president of programs and clinical services at Kreider Services; cares for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities; she and her husband, Bruce ’83, are parents of two sons who are ISU grads; couple resides in Polo.

Richard Schraeder ’85 retired as an independent food distributor; works as a school bus operator; resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Debra (Banko) Dunne ’86 is vice president of human resources with Coilplus Inc.; resides with her husband, Timothy, in Naperville.

Kathleen McHugh ’86 is vice president of finance and administration at Plaspros Inc,; resides in McHenry.

Joel Rasmus ’86 is the managing director at Purdue University of CERIAS, nation’s top-ranked interdisciplinary education and research institute for cybersecurity; resides with his wife, Nancy, in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Pamela Thomas ’86 is bibliographic grant manager at Illinois Heartland Library System; resides with her husband, Craig, in Champaign.

Rodney Christo ’87 is the senior vice president and chief accounting officer for CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc.; resides with his wife, Suzie, in Monee.

Teresa (Stivers) Fritsch ’87 is a school psychologist with West Ada School District; resides with her husband, Robert, in Boise, Idaho.

Loretta (Plunkett) McKenzie ’87, M.S. ’89, is self-employed as a clinical psychologist; resides with her husband, William, in Springfield.

Eric Menzer ’87 is the manager of operations at Falex Corporation; daughter Caroline is a freshman at ISU; resides with his wife, Leanna, in Sycamore.

Garth Nicholas ’87 is CFO of New Wave Net Corporation; resides in Heyworth.

Stephen Rose ’87 is manager of e-learning systems for Abbott Rapid Diagnostics; resides in


Keith Sanders ’87 is a senior accountant with Discover Financial; son Ryne Sanders, MBA ’18, is also a Redbird; resides his wife, Janet, in Crystal Lake.

Michael Chausse ’88 retired from Mercer County School District after 33 years of teaching; resides with his wife, Kris, in Aledo.

Brendan Heffner ’88 is with the U.S. Marshals Services; has served as the U.S. Marshal for the Central Illinois District since 2018; resides with his wife, Joy, in Normal.

Barbara Burgess-Lefebvre, M.F.A. ’89, is an associate professor in the Department of Arts and Humanities at Robert Morris University; resides with her husband, Jack, in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

John Jaraczewski ’89 is the executive director of the Greenville Literacy Association; resides with his wife, Wanda, in Greenville, South Carolina.


Gregg Patz ’90 is a PMO manager with Hydro-Thermal Corporation; resides with his wife, Kristen, in Helenville, Wisconsin.

Craig Berry ’92 is the assistant director of admissions at Governors State University; resides in Frankfort.

Teresa Blanden ’92 is assistant director of the Principal’s Scholars Program at the University of Illinois in Champaign, where she resides.

Sharyn (Kurowski) Gross ’92, M.S. ’94, is a senior public service administrator with Shapiro Center; resides with her husband, Gary, in Bourbonnais.

Alison Kitzman ’92 is a professor in the business department of Kindai University in Osaka, Japan; resides with her husband, Tony Silva, in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Shannon Sesterhenn ’92, M.S. ’94, is the associate dean of students at Midwestern University; resides with her spouse, Cynthia Snapp, in Peoria, Arizona.

Linsey Cuti ’93, Ph.D. ’04, is a professor at Kankakee Community College; resides in Tinley Park.

Mike Kerber ’93 is a self-employed real estate investor; resides in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Colleen (Bero) Monfils ’93 is an elementary teacher with Queen Creek Unified School District; resides in Queen Creek, Arizona.

Paul Novak ’93 is a judge for the State of Illinois; resides with his wife, Tracey, in Deer Park.

Jeffrey Benware ’94, M.S. ’96, is a clinical psychologist with the Department of Veterans Affairs; resides with his wife, Allison, in Troy.

Kendall Crook, M.A. ’94, is a psychotherapist with Red Oak Counseling; resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Timothy Micek, D.A. ’94, was promoted to professor at Ohio Dominican University; resides in Gahanna, Ohio.

Matt Mollenhauer, M.S. ’94, is the chief clinical officer with Chestnut Health Systems; resides with his wife, Janeen, in Bloomington.

Susan Nolan ’94 is a freelance visual artist; her work has been displayed at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; resides with her husband, Scott, in Griffith, Indiana.

Thomas Schutte ’94 is president of St. Francis Borgia High School; resides with his wife, Ellen, and their daughter in Washington, Missouri.

Kevin Daniel ’95, M.S. ’02, retired in 2018 from State Farm Insurance Companies as a business application security analyst after 22 years; resides in Bloomington.

Sheryl Drake ’95, M.S. ’00, is an associate chemistry professor at Parkland College; resides in Thomasboro.

Shyla (Domaracki) Jannusch ’95 is a licensed insurance producer with Anne Groh Beckman State Farm Insurance; resides in Schaumburg.

Kim (Lamps) McKee ’95 is the president, CEO, and director of North Central Bank; resides with her husband, Russell, in Peru.

Kathi Simmons, M.S. ’95, M.S. ’05, retired from teaching in the Peoria public schools; resides with her husband, Dave, in Peoria Heights.

Kip Baumann ’96 is a digital forensic examiner with the Illinois State Police; work involves extracting data from smartphones and computers to prosecute criminals; resides with his wife, Jena, in Rochester.

Stephen Peters ’96 retired as a lieutenant from the Springfield Police Department in Illinois; resides with his wife, Vernee, in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

LaWanda (Doan) Brewer ’97 teaches children who are deaf in the Francis Howell School District; named the 2021 CEC Missouri Special Education Teacher of the Year; resides with her husband, Josh, in St. Peters, Missouri.

Clifton Dahlgren ’97 is an English language arts middle school teacher with Skokie School

District 68; he and his wife, Kathy (Kautz) ’97, met at ISU; celebrated 21 years of marriage; couple resides in Arlington Heights.

Karin Maresh, M.A. ’97, is an associate professor at Washington and Jefferson College; resides in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Gallion ’98 teaches math and algebra to middle school students in the Robinson Community Unit 2 Schools; resides with his wife, Laura, in Robinson.

Rebecca Thompson ’98 is the director of human resources for Gravy Analytics; resides in Alexandria, Virginia.

Corey Davis ’99, M.S. ’02, has been promoted to the rank of professor at the University of Wisconsin in Whitewater, where he resides with his wife, Kelly.

Angela Schieler ’99 is an acquisitions librarian; resides in Sitka, Alaska.


Jennifer (Willis) Carter ’00 is a kindergarten and first grade paraprofessional working in Alton School District with children who have autism; coaches high school volleyball; resides with her husband, Dan, in Alton.

Heather (Henning) DeHart ’00, M.S. ’02, is a public relations specialist with Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, part of MGM Resorts International; resides with her husband, Roger, in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Julia (Beedon) Peterson ’00, M.A. ’02, is the lead academic success advisor at the College of Lake County; resides with her husband, Tim, in Buffalo Grove.

Miya Sullivan, M.S. ’00, is an associate athletic trainer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center; resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Doug Maxey ’01 is a social services director with Accolade Healthcare; resides with his wife, Ellen, in Gibson City.

Andrew Moots ’01 is vice president of business banking for JP Morgan Chase; resides with his wife, Jessica, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Susan (Cunningham) Werner ’01, MSW ’09, is a social worker with Prairie Central School District; oldest daughter is an ISU alumna; resides in Bloomington.

William Herron, M.S. ’02, is the vice president of operations for Security Credit Union; resides with his wife, Lora, in Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Shelly Jones, Ph.D. ’02, is an assistant mathematics professor at Central Connecticut State

University; resides in Hamden, Connecticut.

Christie (Proctor) Martin ’02, M.S. ’07, is the associate director of Illinois State University’s Honors Program; resides with her husband, Martin, in Normal.

Jessica (Pierce) Peavy ’02 is completing a nursing degree at Saddleback College; resides with her husband, Garrett, in Laguna Niguel, California.

Alicia (Holmbeck) Seaton ’02 is a store manager for Walgreens; resides with her husband, Dustin, in Sandwich.

Sheree Winston ’02 is a supervisor with the U.S. Postal Service; resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Erin Saxton ’03 is a principal consultant in student care with the Illinois State Board of Education; resides with her husband, Joe Snodgrass, in Springfield.

Robb Telfer ’03, M.A. ’06, is the adult learning programs assistant at the Morton Arboretum; self-employed poet and teaching artist; resides in Chicago.

Danielle Cochran ’04, M.S. ’06, is a clinical assistant professor at Loyola University; resides with his wife, Elise, in Joliet.

William Dwoinen ’04 works in large enterprise sales with Salesforce; resides with his wife, Jessica, in Elmhurst.

Doug Standerfer ’04 is an underwriting director at The Hartford; is completing a degree at Cornell Law School; resides in Chicago.

Dustin Day ’05, M.S. ’07, is an instructor of business and managerial communication at the University of Illinois in Springfield, where he resides.

Mitchell Elatkin ’05 is the managing director of special populations for KIPP Texas Public Schools; resides in San Antonio, Texas. 

Rosa Ferreira, Ph.D. ’05, is an assistant professor in the sciences at the University of Porto; resides with her husband, Luis, in Ovar, Portugal.

Alicia (Kinnett) Cler ’06 is a service operations manager with A and R Mechanical Contractors Inc.; resides in Champaign.

Stephanie (Winter) Gremaux ’06 authored Navigating Nursing Homes: When You or Someone You Love Needs a Nursing Home; resides in Bradenton, Florida.

Michael Sharp ’06, Au.D. ’09, is the audiology clinic coordinator at Western Illinois

University; owns ASI, a large audiology practice that spans Iowa and South Dakota; resides with his wife, Kaysha, and their two sons in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Luke Houston ’07 is the director of billing and compliance for Southern Company Gas; he and his wife, Susan (Wolff) ’07, are parents of three children; resides in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Dan O’Donnell ’07 is a business support manager for Boars Head; resides with his wife, Allie, in Vista, California.

Jeffrey Pritchett ’07 is a construction manager for Gilbane Building Company; resides with his wife, Claudia, in Naperville.

Adam Bulfer ’08, M.S. ’12, is the assistant principal with Franklin Park Public School District 84; resides with his wife, Marie, in Hoffman Estates.

Danetta Carter ’08 is a manager of intake and enrollment at Anthem Inc.; mom to one daughter and fosters at-risk youth; resides in Cordova, Tennessee. 

Mitch Kenoe ’08 is a global director of product management and marketing for medical devices with Medline Industries; resides with his wife, Katie, in Mount Prospect.

Emille Morales ’08 is the head of rigging with Cirque Du Soleil; resides with his wife, Sarah, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nathan Stock ’08 is a director of clinical and ancillary contracting at HPS; resides with his wife, Allison, and their two children in Byron Center, Michigan.

Lindsay (Dinkelman) Alexander ’09, M.S. ’11, is an associate strength and conditioning coach at the University of Iowa; resides with her husband, Todd, in Tiffin, Iowa.

Jodi (Likes) Clayton, M.S. ’09, retired from Decatur Public Schools District 61; taught 33 years in elementary classroom as a special education teacher; resides with her husband, Chuck, in Taylorville.

Danika Kmetz ’09 is the director of student affairs marketing and communications at Northwestern University; resides in Chicago.


J.D. Armes ’10 is a video producer and director with Caterpillar Inc.; resides with his wife, Rose, in Benson.

Sarah Enlow ’10 is an IT help desk and computer technician with Hanson Professional Services Inc.; formerly worked as an assistant vice president and IT service desk manager for INB; resides in Springfield.

Brittani Evans ’10 started a business called Bar Brittani; teaches how to make bar drinks;

provides mobile bartending service for events; helps restaurants get bars running; won Best Black Bartender in the Bay and entire West with Maker’s Mark and Black Restaurant Week; resides in Sacramento, California.

Sarmad Gilani ’10 is a senior software engineer at Google; resides in El Sobrante, California.

Katy Murphy ’10 is a bilingual primary teacher for the Poudre School District in Colorado; teaches second grade at the dual-language school; taught English in Spain for two years; completing a master’s degree in early childhood education at the University of Northern Colorado; resides with her partner, Adam, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Diane (Troutman) Gainey ’11 is the senior manager of finance for American Academy of Pediatrics; mom to two preschool children; resides with her husband, Michael, in Naperville.

Ashley (Sermak) Hipsher ’11 is the associate director for marketing in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois; resides with her husband, Nick, in St. Joseph.

Brigid (Lamparski) Lazinsky ’11 is a principal business solutions consultant at Health Care Service Corporation; resides in New Lenox.

Nauman Malik, M.S. ’11, is a senior vice president of the Treasury Department; works for the Dubai Islamic Bank; resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Nicole Marks ’11 is a live events associate director with Warner Media; resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Allison (Mortenson) Rainer ’11 is a registered nurse at Animas Surgical Hospital; met her husband, Brad, at Illinois State; couple resides in Bayfield, Colorado.

Mark Johnson ’12, is a district manager for Crunch Fitness; resides with his wife, Laura, in Clearwater, Florida.

Jaclyn (Paisley) McFadden ’12, AuD ’16, is an audiologist at Springfield Clinic and the St. Louis Veterans Health Administration; board member of the Illinois Academy of Audiology; fellow of the American Academy of Audiology; met her husband, Sam ’12, M.S. ’16, while both were graduate students at ISU; couple are parents to two sons and reside in Springfield.

Laura (Volz) Thirtyacre ’12, M.S. ’20, is a youth outreach therapist with McLean County Center for Human Services; resides with her husband, Kirk, in Bloomington.

Hannah (Hassler) Walden, M.S. ’12, is an education director with the National Ski Patrol; resides in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Scott Brzezowski ’13 is a firefighter and EMT with the Chicago Fire Department; he and his wife, Dayna, are parents of a son born in February 2021; resides in Chicago.

Collin Gillenwater, M.S. ’13, is a senior director of partnerships and ventures with Southern New Hampshire University; resides with her husband, Lane, in Chicago.

Stephanie Jarvis ’13 is a clinical epidemiologist with ION Research; met her husband, Seth Satorius ’13, at Illinois State; couple resides in Denver, Colorado.

Patrick Kennedy ’13 completed a master’s degree at the University of Manitoba; staff environmental scientist at Burns and McDonnell working on Clean Water Act compliance; research widely published; resides in Oak Forest.

Erica (Egyed) Kirchner ’13 is a high school counselor; resides with her husband, Kyle, in Centerville, Iowa.

Aryc Lane, M.M. ’13, is the orchestra director of the Frisco Independent School District; resides in Frisco, Texas.

Josh Marron ’13, M.S. ’17, works in the Office of Advancement at Tulane University; resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kevin Mitchell ’13 is a special education teacher at Leyden High School; resides with his wife, Danielle, in Arlington Heights.

Tianna (Peters) Mueller ’13 teaches second grade in Gavin District 37; she and her husband, Andrew, are parents to a daughter; couple resides in Salem, Wisconsin.

Alexis Oduyale ’13 is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with Compass Health Center; resides in Chicago.

Daniel Ratcliff ’13 is a STEM teacher with Pleasantdale School District 107; resides with his wife, Jennifer (Harmer) ’15 in Westmont.

Neeraj Somani, M.S. ’13, is a software engineer with Comcast Inc.; resides with his wife, Divya, in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Adrienne (Boni) Banks ’14 is a social worker with St. Gabriel’s Hospice; music therapist at Sparks for Success; she and her husband, Joseph, are parents of a daughter born in June 2021; couple resides in Austin, Texas.

Tierra Dixon-Sullivan ’14 is the assistant director of student success at Kankakee Community College; resides with her husband, Maurice, in Bourbonnais.

Cheryl Foutch ’14 is moderator of a bipolar/depression/anxiety blog; resides in Odell.

Mandi Gibala ’14 is an account manager sales assistant with CDW; taught in South Korea for three years; resides in Lindenhurst.

Jeffrey Hager ’14, M.S. ’16, is the manager of inside sales for the Detroit Lions; resides in

Detroit, Michigan.

Teiara Hayslett ’14 is an entrepreneur and actress; resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Richard Baptist, M.S. ’15, is the director of athletic communications at Denison University in Granville, Ohio.

Jesus Chavez. M.S. ’15, is an academic success advisor at Arizona State University; resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Allie Grazevich ’15 teaches fourth grade in Evergreen Park District 124; is school union president; resides in Evergreen Park.

Toby Halladay ’15 is a psychometrist with Carepoint HealthCare; resides in Denver, Colorado.

Andrew Holloway ’15 is an analytics intake coordinator at OSF HealthCare; resides in Peoria.

Jessica Krueger ’15 is the children’s ministry volunteer experience lead and early childhood coordinator for Willow Creek Community Church; resides with her husband, Michael, in Palatine.

Mark Reppen ’15, ’19, is a deaf and hard-of-hearing teacher at Lemont High School; works for

the Southwest Cook County Cooperative Association for Special Education; resides in Alsip.

Emilee Green ’16, M.S. ’18, is a researcher for the state government; resides in Chicago.

Mary (Radavic) Maiellaro ’16, is employed with Avicenna Behavioral Health; met her husband, Joe, MPA ‘15, at ISU; they are parents to a daughter born in 2021; couple resides in Westmont.

Jenna (Beadle) McHale ’16 is senior event coordinator with Creative Group Inc.; she and her husband, Kyle ’16, met at ISU; couple resides in Gilberts.

Kelsie Meserole ’16 is a corporate compliance analyst with COUNTRY Financial; resides in Lincoln.

Katie Socha ’16 is an English language arts teacher at Ida Baker High School; resides in Cape Coral, Florida.

Ellie (Seitzinger) Weaver ’16 earned a master’s degree in communication studies at Northern University; completing a doctorate at the University of Oklahoma; resides with her husband, T.J., in Norman, Oklahoma.

Danielle Alexander ’17 is the program coordinator for diversity, equity, and inclusion at

Columbia College-Chicago; completing graduate program in educational leadership-higher

education at DePaul University; member of 300 Chicago Black Women; resides in Chicago.

Fatima Alsharifi ’17 completed a master’s degree; counselor with Milwaukee Public Schools; resides with her husband, Ahmed, in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Rebecca Davis ’17 is the marketing manager with the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis, Missouri, where she resides.

Samantha (Brody) Kida ’17 is a special education teacher; she and her husband, James ’17, are celebrating the birth of their first child; resides in Kewanee.

Marie (Morgenthaler) Kittler ’17 is an associate producer with StudioNorth; resides with her husband, Adam, in Aurora.

Abigail Mcfall ’17 is a judicial specialist with the State of Iowa; resides in Raymond, Iowa.

Heather Curcio ’18 is completing a degree at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry; resides in Chicago.

Brianna Durkin ’18 is an academic advisor with the School of Liberal Arts at Indiana University/Purdue University in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she resides.

Allison Parlapiano ’18 is a full-time fireman with the city of Rockford; resides in Winnebago.

Brianna Phillips ’18 is a detention officer with Kane County Juvenile Detention Center; completing a master’s degree in school social work; resides in Geneva.

Victoria (Zeine) School ’18 is an administrative assistant at the Peoria County Farm Bureau; resides with her husband, Dustin, in Glasford.

Jordyn Washer ’18 is a graduate student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology; resides in Chicago.

Julian Barroso ’19 is a software support analyst with Hybrent; resides in Sarasota, Florida.

Andrew Bartolone ’19 is an archivist with State Farm Insurance Companies; resides with his wife, Heather, in Bloomington.

Byron Cook ’19 works for State Farm Insurance Companies; completing an accelerated BSN degree at Chamberlain University; resides in Bolingbrook.

Joe Dubiel ’19 is a business operations associate with TEKsystems; resides in Gilbert, Arizona.

Nicolette Marrotta ’19 is a registered nurse working at Duke University Health; resides in

Durham, North Carolina.

Jason St. Clair, M.S. ’19, is a branch director at the Boys and Girls Club; resides with his wife, Cassandra, in Prescott, Arizona.

Ryan Shrier ’19 is a security engineer at Integrity Technology Solutions; resides in Dallas,



Vanessa Argueta ’20 is a veterinary technician at the Lombard Veterinary Hospital; resides in River Grove.

Rebecca Bastuga ’20 is completing a master’s degree in sports management at Indiana State University; works as aquatics graduate assistant at the Student Recreation Center on the campus in Terre Haute, Indiana. 

Nicolas Espinoza, M.M. ’20, is a music therapist at Luis Krebs Institute of Neurologic Rehabilitation; resides with his wife, Aura, and their daughter in his native home of Chile.

Jacub Gawlik ’20 is a VIP product specialist with Toyota of Naperville; resides in Joliet.

Arnulfo Guerrero ’20 is a public safety officer at Loyola Medical Center; resides in Oak Park.

Meaghan Heimbach ’20 is completing a master’s degree in higher education leadership at East Tennessee State University; graduate assistant in the Educational and Policy Analysis Department; resides in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Amina Jinadu ’20 is a mentor at Americorps; resides in Napa, California.

Mairead McGillian ’20 is a finance administrator at the University of Chicago; resides in Orland Park.

Stephanie Perez ’20 teaches third grade in the public schools of Chicago, where she resides.

Shaylin Quaid ’20 is a marketing associate with Salute Mission Critical; resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Morgan Seberger ’20 is a recreation therapist at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital; resides in Geneva.

Ryan Strange ’20 is a solar energy consultant for Legacy Solar; resides in Bloomington.

Nick Kirsch ’21 is completing a master’s degree in sports administration at Georgia State University; graduate assistant athletic trainer for the university’s baseball team; resides in Smyrna, Georgia.

Meaghan Lynch, M.S. ’21, is a program coordinator in the Office of Community, Equity,

Diversity, and Inclusion at Nevada State College; helping build the college’s road map for

LGBTQ+ inclusion; resides in Henderson, Nevada.

Laura Arciniegas Patiño, M.S. ’21, plays tennis professionally; resides in Bogota, Colombia.

Ann Rius ’21 is a registered nurse on the neonatal intensive care unit at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago; resides in LaGrange Park.

Caitlyn Schulte ’21 is a physical therapy technician at Results Physiotherapy; resides in Durham, North Carolina.

Jada Turner ’21 is an allocations analyst with Burlington Stores; resides in Peoria.

Abigail Zobrist ’21 is completing a graduate degree in social work at Aurora University; resides in Geneseo.


Richard Mikulecky ’63, M.S. ’69, is a retired U. S. Air Force colonel; resides with his wife, Joann, in Lombard.                                                                                                                  

Paul Whitmer ’89 retired after 35 years of service in the U.S. Army; served three times in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan; disabled as a veteran because of his service; resides with his wife, Karen, in Lexington.

Michael Willis ’97 serves in the U.S. Air Force Security Forces; resides with his wife, Lisa, in Cartersville, Georgia.

Jeff Burchfield ’98 is a Plans Officer with the U.S. Army; completing a one-year deployment to Israel as a United Nations observer; resides with his wife, Lynn, in Coal Valley.