The Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) hosted its 79th annual conference in Chicago from April 7-10, one of the largest political science conferences in the world. MPSA is a leading and prestigious professional association of political science scholars and students that seeks to advance scholarship in all political science subfields and teaching pedagogies. Among this year’s conference participants were several of the department’s faculty and students who presented their research and served as chairs and/or discussants for various panels. Their participation is listed below.


Is UN Peacekeeping Effectiveness “High”? The Impacts of Drug Trafficking on UN Peacekeeping Effectiveness

  • Presented by Hannah Brunier (undergraduate) and Dr. Michael Hendricks (assistant professor)

Does Egypt Have the Capacity to Become Democratic?

  • Presented by Ashley Johnson (graduate student)

Who Writes? Opinion Assignment of State Supreme Courts

  • Presented by Dr. Meghan Leonard (associate professor)

Do Women Candidates Benefit from Ambiguous Position-Taking?  

  • Presented by Dr. Kerri Milita (associate professor)

Masculinity and the Gender Gap in Knowledge

  • Presented by Dr. Carl Palmer (associate professor)

Masculinity, Knowledge, and the Gender Gap

  • Presented by Dr. Carl Palmer (associate professor)

Local Governments Respond to State Interference During COVID-19

  • Presented by Dr. Lori Riverstone-Newell (associate professor) and Grace Northern (graduate student)

Social Movement Communities: Examining the Activities of Leaders of Local Slow Food Chapters in the United States

  • Presented by Dr. Noha Shawki (professor)

Panel Chairs and Discussants

JSS: Citizens, the State, and Violence

  • Presented by Dr. Michael Hendricks (associate professor)

Candidate Backgrounds and the Decision to Run

  • Presented by Dr. Kerri Milita (associate professor)

Multilevel Governance in Local Politics and Policymaking

  • Presented by Dr. Lori Riverstone-Newell (associate professor)

Conference Attendees

Two graduate students, Manda LaPorte and Max Seeley, also participated in the conference by attending and contributing to panels.

students standing together on a balcony
Graduate Students Manda LaPorte, Max Seeley, and Grace Northern at the MPSA Annual Conference