On Friday, April 1, 2022, several graduate students who received mentorship from department faculty presented their research on various topics at the University Research Symposium. The Research Symposium is held each spring and offers an exciting opportunity for students to share what they have learned through their scholarship, research, and creative expression in an academic setting. Below, the seven student presenters are listed with their project titles, as well as their faculty mentors:

2022 University Research Symposium
  • Grace Northern, “Combatting Civic Disengagement: An Analysis of Youth Civic Engagement and Education Trends In The United States” (Mentored by Dr. Lori Riverstone-Newell)
  • Max Seeley, “Time Is Money: The Effect of Legislative Professionalism on Time Spent Fundraising” (Mentored by Dr. Michael Hendricks)
  • Manda Laporte, “Food Security As A Means To Adequate Housing” (Mentored by Dr. Michael Hendricks)
  • Kiera Eckhardt (Anthropology), “Universal Citizenship In Ecuador: A Substantive Policy Model For Mitigating The Venezuelan Refugee Crisis” (Mentored by Dr. Michael Hendricks)
  • Ryan Maranville (Sociology), “The Criminal Justice System Works Perfectly” (Mentored by Dr. Michael Hendricks)
  • Dani Park (Sociology), “Defense Mechanisms of The Self Against Reification” (Mentored by Dr. Michael Hendricks)
  • Jeff Walsh, “From Hopeless to Homeless To Hired To Housing–Eliminating Veteran Homelessness and Housing Insecurity In The 21st Century” (Mentored by Dr. Michael Hendricks & Dr. Carl Palmer)