Since 2013, new freshmen and new transfer students have been nominated by Illinois State faculty, staff, and students for an Impact Award. Award recipients have made a difference in the student’s first-year experience on campus and ultimately their academic success. 

Illinois State faculty, staff, and students impacted our first-year students in the following ways:

  • Demonstrated care and support 
  • Provided encouragement/challenged the student to grow 
  • Exuded or helped to increase motivation 
  • Provided assistance or help above and beyond 
  • Helped with the student’s transition 
  • Served as an inspiration or role model 
  • Provided future advice or direction 
  • Shared a passion for a subject or for a discipline

Please join the College of Business in congratulating the following individuals from our college for their significant contributions to our students and to first-year retention.


Ahmad Evans, freshman, Business Administration

Owen Farquer, junior, Management

Zahria Jackson, freshman, Business Education

Abolarinwa Kalejaiye, freshman, Business Administration

Benjamin Prendergast, junior, Marketing


Joseph McDonald, Instructional Assistant Professor, Management and Quantitative Methods