The refereed, open access journal International Journal for Business Education (IJBE) is now hosted on Illinois State University’s institutional repository, ISU ReD. IJBE is the research journal for La Societe Internationale pour l’Enseignement Commercial–International Society of Business Education. IJBE has been published continuously since 2009 in its current format and dates back to 1903 under the title International Review for the Development of Business Education, aka The Review. IJBE features articles on topics of interest to business educators, including accounting, data analytics, finance, marketing, and risk management. Like other journals on ISU ReD, all IJBE articles are made freely available online for readers, and IJBE does not charge authors any publishing fees.

IJBE is co-edited by Dr. Tamra Connor, associate dean for accreditation and operations and associate professor of business education in the College of Business. For the past year, Connor and Milner Library personnel have been working with co-editor Peter Slepcevic-Zach, of the University of Graz, Austria, and representatives from bepress, the vendor that provides the underlying software for ISU ReD, to transition the journal to the repository. This work has involved designing the appearance and navigation of the new site, moving files from the old site to the new one, and registering digital object identifiers (DOIs) for each article.

“Transitioning IJBE from a nonrefereed journal to an internationally respected peer-reviewed, academic journal has been exciting. Moving to ISU ReD is just the latest step in the ongoing process to provide an outlet for business educators in the international arena,” said Connor.  “Working with the platform of ISU ReD has provided a more efficient and effective workflow for us as the journal continues to grow. The DOI registration and indexing capabilities of the software have already resulted in increased submissions.”

“Support for Open Access journal publishing is an important and free service that Milner offers to campus,” said scholarly communication librarian Anne Shelley. “With ISU ReD we can provide editors a stable platform, software that helps editors and reviewers with editorial workflows, and enhanced discoverability of content through DOI registration and help with indexing applications.”

For more information on Open Access journal hosting or ISU ReD in general, contact Milner Library’s Scholarly Communication Team at