More Than Meets The Eye

Distinguished Professor Dr. Ali Riaz has published a book on contemporary Bangladeshi politics. The book, titled More Than Meets The Eye, is a compilation of 11 essays that explore various aspects of Bangladeshi politics, including the crisis of democracy. It argues that in the past decade and a half, Bangladeshi politics has undergone a dramatic shift, as it has witnessed the gradual erosion of democracy and the weakening of social cohesion.

Riaz contends that a new political settlement among political actors has emerged. Institutions have decayed and radicalization of various kinds has become the norms of politics and society. He underscored that Bangladesh’s geopolitical significance has increased due to the growing influence of China in the region and the United States’ absence. He discussed Bangladesh’s relationship with India and argues that geopolitical changes and expedient politics of the incumbent have influenced domestic politics and the country’s foreign relations. The book is published by the University Press Limited.