Young Lauren Herrig

“Ever since I was little, I have always had a passion for business,” said Illinois State University junior Lauren Herrig. “My parents and their friends used to joke about how I would be their boss someday. As I grew older, I found a love for selling. I started selling my old clothes on resale applications and I eventually started selling my friend’s clothes for a percentage because they noticed how good I was at it. Moral of the story, I knew I was made for the business world entering college.”

Herrig’s predictions came true. She is now double majoring in marketing and management and minoring in organizational leadership.

To say that Herrig is involved is an understatement. She is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society and volunteers with ISU’s Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Additionally, she holds leadership roles as the Vice President of Communications for the American Marketing Association and the secretary for the Student Leadership Advisory Board. She also serves as a Professional Sales Institute Ambassador.

Herrig has not only gained personal insights from these involvements, but she has also gained connections and friendships that could lead to a job. Speaking about her commitments at ISU, Herrig said, “I have loved the friendly atmosphere at Illinois State and the faculty continuously go out of their way to help make sure I succeed in the classroom and in the community. They are preparing me for a bright career.”

Herrig assisting with a Blood Drive

Herrig has had many professional experiences to help build up her career. She served as a marketing intern at Victory Enterprises, a company based in Davenport, IA where she updated e-commerce product listings by using coding systems on Adobe Illustrator and Excel. She created and maintained client relationships while also creating prospective client relationships as an intern for Division of Xpac: Brand 2306, based in Bettendorf, IA. Lastly, she was a sales intern for ImpactLife, located in Normal, IL where she promoted blood donation and collaborated with registered student organizations to schedule blood drives.

Herrig was awarded for her ambition when she received the Enterprise Rend-A-Car Foundation Professional Sales Student Scholar award in 2021 and 2022. “Receiving this scholarship is a blessing to me,” said Herrig. “I am very grateful for everything the College of Business at Illinois State University has done for me in and out of the classroom. Illinois State University and the College of Business faculty, staff, and donors have fully supported me in every possible way that they were able to, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

Herrig has greatly enjoyed and made the most of her time in ISU’s College of Business. She said, “This scholarship has enhanced my ISU experience because it has allowed me to put my full focus on my education and has given me the opportunity to be able to enjoy the full college experience. I am grateful to be back to in-person classes on campus, and this scholarship has allowed me to soak in everything I am learning throughout my time here at ISU.”

With graduation approaching, Herrig is still pushing herself to do more. This summer, she has secured a sales internship with Adobe in California. “I am very grateful for this opportunity and proud of the work I have done to get there,” said Herrig.

After graduation, Herrig is looking to go into the medical or software sales industry as she enjoys pushing herself to her full potential. With a true passion for business, she said, “Even if things do not go as planned, I believe I will be happy in a business career no matter what it looks like.”

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