March 2022

New Employees:

Danny Bugg, Marketing Associate, Intercollegiate Athletics

Jodee Cesario, Office Administrator, Mennonite College of Nursing

James Durrant, Program Assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics

Rob Fulton, Program Coordinator, School of Theatre and Dance

Justin Herrin, Construction Project Coord II, Facilities Planning

Dillon Horter, Program Assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics

Adam Julian, IT Tech Assoc, Web Interactive Communications

Stephanie Keim, Office Manager, Special Education

Samantha Lowry, Program Coordinator, Alumni Engagement

Jasmin Makely, Building Service Worker, Janitorial

Angelina Marquez, Mailing Equip Opr Expd I, Mail Service Center

Dany Myers, Customer Service Asst, Alumni Engagement

Kelly Schlouch, Program Coordinator, Teaching and Learning

Kim Ward, Office Manager, Educational Admin & Foundations


Susan Alford, Office Manager, Clinical Exp in Teacher Educ

Jonathan Bowling, Auditorium Technical Dir, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Lenah Fumuni, Food Service Administrator I, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality

Jim Gee, Marketing Associate, Ctr Teaching, Learning & Tech

Zach Miner, Office Administrator, Illinois Tutoring Initiative

Rachel Purviance, Program Assistant, Learning Spaces & AV Tech

Sally Rowan, Office Administrator, Finance, Insurance and Law

Annette Thoennes, Office Manager, Clinical Exp in Teacher Educ

Ashleigh Weller, Food Service Administrator II, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality


Stephen Hopkins, IT Support Assoc, Client Services