Illinois State University recognizes and respects the important contributions of the approximately 350 janitorial, grounds, catering, dining center and retail dining employees represented by AFSCME Local 1110 and reiterates its commitment to ongoing good-faith negotiations. ISU has and will continue to work diligently to reach a fair and fiscally responsible contract agreement that addresses concerns raised by AFSCME Local 1110 without disruption to the teaching and learning environment and without disruption to general campus operations

Since October, Illinois State has been negotiating to secure a new contract agreement with AFSCME Local 1110. The current agreement expired on June 30, 2021 and is automatically extended during negotiations. To date, the University and the Union bargaining teams have met more than 20 times and have reached tentative agreements on a total of 17 proposals.

The Union first presented their demands for wages and other economic items during the 11th session in early December.  There has been ongoing, meaningful dialogue concerning these proposals and the University provided the Union with fair responses that show meaningful movement and that would provide significant guaranteed annual increases for all employees in the bargaining unit, particularly for the lowest-paid employees in the unit. 

The parties agreed in late March to engage the assistance of an independent federal mediator. At the start of mediation, on Thursday, April 7, 2022, the Union provided the University with a Notice of Intent of Strike that would allow AFSCME Local 1110 to engage in a strike on or after April 18, 2022, provided all legal and timing requirements have been met. This was a disappointing development, as the Union served this notice at the beginning of the first scheduled session with the mediator, without first giving mediation an opportunity for success and as the parties had continued to make progress at the last bargaining session prior to mediation.

Regardless, the parties held mediation sessions all day on Thursday, April 7, and Friday, April 8.  Significant progress was made, but the parties did not reach an overall agreement. The parties have another meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 14.

While Illinois State remains committed to bargaining in good faith and optimistic that the parties can reach agreement without a strike, the University has initiated contingency planning activities to ensure its ability to minimize disruption should a strike occur. 

Additional information regarding the status of negotiations can be found on the University’s website at  General information regarding a strike can be found on the Human Resources Website.