Campus involvement has started to flourish once again thanks to hardworking student leaders, registered student organizations (RSOs), and RSO advisors during the 2021-2022 academic year. Although this year has come with its own set of unique challenges, there have been many new RSOs created, a large uptick in events, and a long list of amazing RSO initiatives. The Student Involvement Award Selection Committee reviewed numerous outstanding student involvement applications and selected award winners based on their accomplishments and excellence in student involvement.

The College of Business was pleased to have one of its RSOs recognized as Small Student Organization of the Year and a staff member recognized as Registered Student Organization Advisor of the Year:

Small Student Organization of the Year: Business Week

Business Week at ISU promotes professional development opportunities offering interactive events for students to gain knowledge about etiquette, networking, leadership, and so much more within corporate/business fields, all in addition to planning and facilitating the 43rd annual Business Week at Illinois State University. This past year, Business Week brought back in-person events and successfully created a close family-like environment within the RSO that positively impacted overall productivity and collaboration. The 18 members of this RSO have become ambassadors of the College of Business for numerous COB events because of their proven dedication and commitment.

Registered Student Organization Advisor of the Year: Steve Vandiver, Business Week

Selfless, empathetic, and optimistic are all adjectives the students of Business Week have used to describe their RSO advisor, Steve Vandiver.

“The professionals we grow in to, the internships and jobs we get, and the countless memories are all thanks to Steve Vandiver’s hard work and dedication as advisor of Business Week,” one student wrote. Vandiver’s attention to this RSO boosted confidence within Business Week to create meaningful experiences for the ISU community through its programming.

“At the beginning of the year,” said Adrian Kuzbik, Business Week 2021/2022 president, “I showed this picture of the dominant ’90s Chicago Bulls to our Business Week Team-Illinois State University to illustrate my goal as president: obtain the Threepeat as Small RSO of the Year for the Illinois State University College of Business.

“I’m so proud to share that our family not only achieved this goal, but in addition, we were honored as Small RSO of the Year for all of Illinois State University. This was achieved by the hard work of our amazing family and the guidance of our dedicated advisor, Steve Vandiver, who won Advisor of the Year for the entire University a second consecutive year.”