A message from President Terri Goss Kinzy to Illinois State Univeristy staff:

As we begin this summer season, I encourage you to rest and recharge after the busy spring 2022 semester.

This is the time of year when many of us have the opportunity to spend more time with our families and friends and make vacation plans. As you look ahead to the summer months, I encourage you to take advantage of Illinois State’s 3.6.25 and 3.4.12 Flexible Work Schedules policy.

The University recognizes the importance of balancing the operational needs of departments and campus units with flexible schedules over the summer months. If you are interested in a flexible summer schedule, I encourage you to discuss opportunities with your supervisor and, if approved, submit the Flexible Work Schedule Request, PERS 988 form, to Human Resources.

With warm weather and a less hectic schedule, summer also affords the opportunity to dress more casually in the workplace. I encourage you to dress for your workday – wear Redbird sprit wear when appropriate and dress in business casual attire that is comfortable and appropriate for your workplace and your daily professional activities.

I wish you a happy, safe, and restful summer.