Project Nest captures, analyzes, and reports career and graduate school destination data of Illinois State University graduates. Project Nest data will be incorporated into the University’s Metrics of Excellence and used to create an interactive dashboard for internal and external stakeholders to consume first-destination data by academic program, college, and the overall university.


Showcase your plans for your future and help elevate the reputation of Illinois State University. When you apply to graduate , you will receive an email from with a link to complete the Project Nest survey, which will take less than 3 minutes. If you are still seeking career or graduate school opportunities, complete the survey to get access to career/graduate school resources and job search assistance. If you have not received the survey within a month of graduation, let us know at

University Community

Help raise Illinois State’s institutional profile and recruit future Redbirds. If you know of any students who have accepted a job or are attending graduate school, let us know. Simply send the student’s name, university email, and their post-graduation plans to


Have you hired a recent Redbird graduate? Send your employee’s name, job title, salary, and how you connected with the student to