With above average temperatures, Midcontinent Independent System Operators (MISO) energy cooperative, of which Illinois State University is a member, issued notice of possible energy generation shortages for the afternoon of July 5. 

Peak temperatures have historically been between 1-6 p.m. Please be prepared for building comfort levels to be above normal today.   

Facilities Services is asking for everyone’s help to reduce usage and prevent interruptions. We encourage all students, faculty, and staff to turn off lights and equipment not needed and pull-down window shades. Facilities Services will be working behind the scenes with large equipment and systems on campus to reduce our energy usage during this time as well.  

The University receives notices from MISO anywhere from several days to several hours before a possible event. 

During the summer months while temperatures are high, energy-saving measures will remain in place. Facilities Services understands concerns for comfort and will return building operations back to normal as soon as possible.