The Office of Parking and Transportation announced that effective the week of July 25, metered areas on campus will change from pay by space to pay by license plate number and parking zone number.

New signage will be posted in metered areas when the change is complete. Parking and Transportation encourages everyone to pay careful attention to signage. Departments should inform their visitors of this change as appropriate.

Instructions for the new process:

1. Signs are posted in each metered area indicating the zone number. Those parking will need this number to complete the parking transaction when using the pay by phone applications. Zone numbers have changed to reflect the area in which people are parked, and no longer enter zone 61790. It is imperative for customers to enter the correct zone number. If they do not, the vehicle will not be in the database of paid spaces and will be subject to citation.

2. Those parking will need to know their license plate number. It is recommended you keep a photo of the license plate on a phone for easy access.

3. For those who are using a pay station, the zone is automatically entered, and they will only need to enter their license plate number as part of the transaction.

4. Those parking will need to follow the license plate entry requirements to ensure their vehicle is entered into the database of paid spaces.

5. The license plate entry requirements for passenger plates, truck plates, motorcycle plates, and specialty plates are found online.

6. Those parking must park their vehicle in such a way that their license plate is visible from the drive lane. Failure to do so will result in citation.

7. Remember: Those parking must complete their parking transaction before leaving their vehicle parked.

Those with questions can reach out to Parking and Transportation.