Ali Riaz at the podium

Riaz comments on Western reactions to Bangladeshi election

Riaz comments on Western Reactions to Bangladeshi Election
image of flooding

Reactions: Flooding could be sign of new normal

Between August 8 and 15, 2016, over 20 inches of rainfall fell over a large area of southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi. Latest estimates have between 40,000 and 110,000 homes damaged...
Image of a woman swimming in a burkini.

Reactions: Saunders explains why burkini bans hypocritical

Rebecca Saunders calls the French ban on burkinis ironic in its call for “decency.”
image of Flag of the European Union

Reactions: Understanding the Brexit from the European Union

Professor of Economics David Cleeton explains the questions that arise for the departure, and how the vote was not a huge surprise.
image of a Sign for a gender-neutral bathroom.

Reactions: The driving force behind anti-LGBT legislation

A slew of state legislation has emerged to reverse LGBT equality rulings.
Image of the Supreme Court

Reactions: Affirmative action has history with labor

Associate Professor of History Touré Reed discusses the history of affirmative action, and called it a hard-won victory that must be defended.
image of water from Flint next to water from Detroit

Reactions: Understanding Flint’s lead crisis

Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry Chris Hamaker, who is studying expelling materials like lead from water using organic molecules, explains the problem with Flint, Michigan's pipes.
image of the periodic table

Reactions: Stuffing the Periodic Table suitcase

Professor of Chemistry Gregory Ferrence gives some insight into the birth of the new additions to the Periodic Table of Elements.
Image of the Supreme Court

Reactions: Nomination of Garland a protection for future liberal choices

Department of Politics and Government's Meghan Leonard reacts to President Barack Obama's nomination of D.C. Circuit Court Chief Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.
image of Newly elected Myanmar President Htin Kyaw

Reactions: A look at the historic Myanmar elections

Htin Kyaw has been named the new president of Myanmar after a historic battle for democracy. Illinois State’s Professor Joseph Zompetti, comments on the elections after he spent time in Myanmar...
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