Thank you and congratulations to the following Civil Service employees for their hard work and contributions to Illinois State University.

New Employees
Joshua Aurand, building service worker, Janitorial
Ryan Beaulieu, laundry worker, University Housing Services
Terrance Birsa, grounds foreman, Campus Services Division Grounds
Wendy Boch, benefits counselor, Human Resources
John Brown, building service worker, Janitorial
Kelly Brown, chief clerk, Thomas Metcalf School
Alyssa Colon, food service worker II, Dining Services
Stacey Durham, library specialist, University High School
Maria Espinoza, building service worker intern, Janitorial
Gregory German, building service worker intern, Janitorial
Amy Gibson, building service worker, Janitorial
Courtney Grose, administrative aide, School of Theatre and Dance
Clementine Iboke, building service worker intern, Janitorial
Kenneth Jackson, building service worker, Janitorial
Todd Jefferson, building service worker intern, Janitorial
Jeffrey Klepec, police lieutenant, University Police Department
Christopher Lyle, building service worker, Janitorial
Tammy McBee, medical office associate, Health Services
Kevin Paxton, coordinator craft shop, School of Theatre and Dance
Tonya Sherlock, snack bar attendant, Dining Services
Shari Stetson, building service worker, Janitorial
Jessica Sutter, business administrative associate, Family and Consumer Sciences
William Tisdale, building service worker, Janitorial
Dejan Trencevski, IT tech associate, Infrastructure OP & Networking

Alvin Conkling, steam and power plant III, Building Maintenance
Adam Listek, IT support associate, Student Affairs Information Technology
Stuart Palmer, program student advisor, Honors Program
Michelle Stewart, building service worker, Janitorial
Thomas Toohill, maintenance repair worker, Building Maintenance
Amy Witzig, business administrative associate, VP and Provost

Nancy Harr, special education teacher assistant, Thomas Metcalf School
Jennifer O’Neil, admissions and records representative, Registrar
Jasmine Perkins, customer service assistant, Superintendence
Ronald Terven, building service worker, Janitorial

Susan Adcock, office support associate, Financial Aid Office
Stanley Camp, senior machinist welder, Building Maintenance
Nancy Ferrero, administrative clerk, Accounting
Ralph Lewis, superintendent of building maintenance, Building Maintenance Bond Rev
Suzann Locke, administrative assistant, Human Resources
Jolene McDowell, chief clerk school, Information Technology
Wanda Passini, police officer, University Police Department
Derek Ronnfeldt, police sergeant, University Police Department
Judy Sedekum Office, support associate, Psychology
Connie Shannon, equipment attendant, School of Kinesiology & Recreation
Julie Sheppelman, police corporal, University Police Department
Sun Smith, IT support associate, Change Management Office
Jerome Stoeber, construction project coordinator II, Construction Management
Rhonda Strong, building service worker, Janitorial
Sheila Taylor, business manager II, Office of Energy Management
Lynda Williamson, building service foreman, Janitorial