Thank you and congratulations to the following Civil Service employees for their hard work and contributions to Illinois State University.

New employees

Stephanie Bendix, licensed practical nurse II,  Student Health Services
George Chavez, steam and power plant intern, Building Maintenance
Angie Ciulla, office support specialist, Family and Consumer Sciences
Ravlly Diadia Misano, culinary worker II, Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality
Ronald Eggleston, steam and power plant I, Building Maintenance
Naomi Fisher, admissions records specialist II, Admissions
Daniel Hlavenka, IT tech associate, Web and Interactive Communications
Jonathon Strauch, steam and power plant I, Building Maintenance
Mikaeel Terry, culinary worker II-int, Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality
Loretta Vance, admin clerk, Facilities Planning
Casey Vitaliz, admin clerk, Student Affairs
Timothy Wickenhauser, business administrative associate, Comptroller’s Office
Bonnie Yedinak, admin clerk, Student Affairs Title IX


Carla Dietsch, accountant III, Comptroller’s Office
Jacob Emery, accounting associate, Advancement and Foundation Operations
Jacklyn Fry, business administrative associate, Superintendence
Ryan Gathright, parking service agent III, Parking and Transportation
Marlon Harris, business administrative associate, Finance and Planning
Bryan Hays, IT support associate, Registrar
Amanda Hendrix, assistant university budget officer, Budget Office
Brianne Larke, accountant III, Comptroller’s Office
Alan Lin, office manager, Vice President and Provost
Margaret Nelson, business manager II, Office of Energy Management
Cristian Sandu, IT tech associate, Application Services
Jamie Smith, collection manager, Comptroller’s Office
Christie Wissmiller, IT support associate, Registrar
Ruisha Zhang, IT tech associate, Stevenson Center for Community and Economic Development


Darlis Roeder, office support associate, Student Counseling Services


David Geshiwlm, food service admin IV, Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality
Alan Longworth, electrician foreman, Building Maintenance