Thank you and congratulations to the following Civil Service employees for their hard work and contributions to Illinois State University.

New Employees
Molly Briggs, office support specialist, School of Theatre and Dance
Sarah Laning, medical office assistant, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Crystal Lannin, office support specialist, Teaching and Learning
Lynn Litwiller, accountant I, Educational Administration and Foundations
Daniel Mancias, equipment attendant, School of Kinesiology and Recreation
Paula Morrill, senior events administrator, Event Management Dining Hospitality
Kayla Standwich, ticket sales specialist, Intercollegiate Athletics
Shawna Wicker, office support specialist, Dean of Students Office
Desiray Yeaw, dietitian nutritionist, Event Management Dining Hospitality

Eric Ballard, auditorium technical director, Event Management Dining Hospitality
Matthew Blue, ticket sales supervisor, Intercollegiate Athletics
Stacy Brown, procurement officer specialist, Comptroller’s Office
Kathi Cannon, procurement officer assistant, Comptroller’s Office
Michael Gibson, IT tech associate, Infrastructure Operations & Networking
Courtney Grose, business administrative associate, Teaching and Learning
Lisa Haas, chief accountant, Comptroller’s Office
Caleb Helpingstine, culinary worker II, Event Management Dining Hospitality
Jay Laesch, business administrative associate, Event Management Dining Hospitality
Jason Lindbom, senior agricultural research tech, Agriculture
Carla Leber, administrative aide, Mennonite College of Nursing
Nicholas Mullins, procurement officer, Comptroller’s Office
Sally Rowan, office manager, Finance, Insurance and Law
Sally Talbert, dining room supervisor, Event Management Dining Hospitality

Tara Beaulieu, building service worker, Janitorial
John Engelbrecht, ticket sales supervisor, Intercollegiate Athletics

Reah Martin, office support specialist, Career Center