Congratulations to our dedicated Civil Service staff for reaching these important milestones in their careers at Illinois State University.

30 years
Kathy Sue Vollstedt, Metcalf School

25 years
Teri Rae Derango, Public Service
Mary Elizabeth Kentzler, Comptroller’s Office

20 years
Teresa J. Drollinger, Janitorial
Kerwin B. Henderson, Janitorial
Mitchell Thomas Shadid, Comptroller’s Office
Douglas Brent Wood, Infrastructure Operations and Networking

15 years
Dylan N. Bauer, Janitorial
Jennifer Janine Bietsch, Campus Dining Services
Vincent A. Carlson, Weibring Golf Club
Yvette S. Huddleston, Budget Office
Narry Kim, President’s Office
Teresa Marie Long, Janitorial

10 years
Ricki O. Berchtold, Building Maintenance
Christie Berg, University Housing Services
Lawrence W. Berndt, Campus Dining Services
Josh Wayne Crowe, Client Services
Aaron Twain Davis, Client Services
Bradley D. German, Building Maintenance
Judy L. Johnson, Comptroller’s Office
Robert Harvey Malone, University Police
Stephen W. Martin, Building Maintenance Bond Revenue
Billy J. Norfleet, Building Maintenance
Robert Alan Rice, Building Maintenance
Kelly Mariah Woith, Department of Psychology