Congratulations to our dedicated Civil Service staff for reaching these important milestones in their careers at Illinois State University.

10 Years

Cynthia Bays, Health Services
Lawson Cassels, Infrastructure Op & Networking
Angela Francisco, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
Aiki Hooks, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
Matthew Miller, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
Tracy Rosenberger, Student Affairs Information Technology
Julie Shaffer, Dean of Students Office
Paula Swanzy, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
Daniel Thames, Infrastructure Operations and Networking
Amanda Trefzger, Registrar

15 Years

Jennifer Doutt, Criminal Justice Sciences
Adam Feaman, Event Management Dining Hospitality
Paula Graves-Hutson, Health Services
Kathy Lock, Intercollegiate Athletics
Rebecca Meier, Event Mgmt Dining Hospitality
Michael Neal, Event Management Dining Hospitality
Tenna Webb, Mennonite College of Nursing

25 Years

Cathy Bess, Family and Consumer Sciences
Judi Khalilallah, Dean of Students Office
Kevin McCrone, Student Affairs Information Technology

30 Years

Robert Crawford, Agriculture
Richard Meredith, Janitorial
Tami Radka, Administrative Technologies