Congratulations to our dedicated Civil Service staff for reaching these important milestones in their careers at Illinois State University.

35 years

Dara Gibson, University Marketing and Communications
Dennis Monkman, Campus Dining Services
Patricia Robinson, WGLT
William Walden, Janitorial

30 years

Peter Beaulieu, Janitorial
Peter Embry, Janitorial
Krena Hoyt, Milner Library
Janice Leuchtenberg, Registrar
Stephen Oross, Application Services
Lesley Sauder, Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services
Jan Staley, Marketing

25 years

Mary Anderson, Campus Dining Services
Michael Auxier, Building Maintenance Bond Revenue
Jo Ellen Bahnsen, Comptroller’s Office
Michael Conner, Janitorial
Vikkie Cossio, School of Art
Angela Cowles, University College
Sarita Cox, Graduate Student Recruitment in College of Business
Erin Dwyer, Application Services
Susan Fish, Comptroller’s Office
William Gambardella, Parking and Transportation
David Geshiwlm, Campus Dining Services
Arthur Hosea, Janitorial
Judy Keenan, Graduate School
Kevin Kelley, Comptroller’s Office
Timothy Larkin, Janitorial
Karen Orrick, Superintendence
Alberto Sanchez-Bucio, Janitorial
Deborah Schultze, Campus Dining Services
Faith Ten Haken, History
Anita Williamson, Janitorial
Cameo Wonnell, Registrar

20 years

Beth Bradford, Office of Disability Concerns
Karen Chiodo, Metcalf School
Jean Conley, Mathematics
William Curtis, Building Maintenance
Phoebe Davis, Campus Dining Services
Gregory Fears, Building Maintenance
Brent Fisher, Janitorial
Mildred Gardner, Campus Dining Services
Amy Gilliland, School of Biological Sciences
Mark Hotlen, Campus Dining Services
Maria Hougas, Campus Dining Services
Kristen Johnson, University Housing Services
Mark McClain, Building Maintenance
Vincent McDaniel, Building Maintenance
Hank Payne, Campus Services Division Grounds
Carmen Plummer, Application Services
Bonnie Schlink, Office of Energy Management
Mark Schmitt, Milner Library
Shuntua Stonewall, University Police
Brooke Tarter, Janitorial
Sharon Tolbert, Campus Dining Services
James Wall, Dining Services
Robin Woolsey, Admissions

15 years

Jose Arteaga, Janitorial
Larissa Bailey, Janitorial
Steven Ball, Infrastructure Operations and Networking
Elizabeth Banks, Comptroller’s Office
Rick Beier, Janitorial
Nichol Bleichner, University Police
Barbara Brandt, Superintendence
Denise Brown, TechZone Student Technologies
Barbara Busick, Dining Services
Steven Chinski, Comptroller’s Office
John Copes, Building Maintenance Bond Revenue
Margarita Delgado, Janitorial
Edgar Diddams, Janitorial
Kenna Fread, Health Services
Michael Gardner, University Police Department
Elizabeth Gerrard, Technology
Cindy Greskiwcz, College of Applied Science and Technology
Philip Hatfield, Janitorial
Amanda Hendrix, Budget Office
Mary Hinthorne, Camping Dining Services
Rebecca Kovar, Office of Equal Opportunity and Access
Sally Little, School of Biological Sciences
Adam Loscar, Parking and Transportation
Michael Mahle, University Marketing and Communications
Andrew Nelson, Client Services
Sandra Nieto, Janitorial
Ryan Peters, Milner Library
Lori Schlink, Janitorial
John Staley, Infrastructure Operations and Networking
Robert Tomes, Janitorial
Dana Tuttle, University Housing Services
Debbie White, Dining Services
John Williamson, Building Maintenance

10 years

Gary Alcorn, Janitorial
Sandra Almanza, Janitorial
Bertha Arreola, Janitorial
Mamie Bahunga, Janitorial
Tamara Bains, Human Resources
Angela Braxton, Parking and Transportation
Roger Behrens, Janitorial
Zachary Bemis, Transportation-Physical Plant
Brian Bragg, Dining Services
Tyrone Brown, Janitorial
Jose Bucio-Gonzalez, Janitorial
Phillip Cade, Campus Dining Services
Hal Casey, Janitorial
Brett Charlett, Bone Student Center
Qiaofang Chen, Campus Dining Services
Brandon Cruse, Student Health Services
Peggy Dehaven, School of Music
Laura Frey, Student Health Services
Amanda Goggin, Campus Dining Services
Courtney Grose, School of Theatre and Dance
Hayley Helpingstine, Bone Student Center
Michele Henderson, Bone Student Center
Rodney Hicks, Campus Dining Services
Jose Hurtado, Janitorial
Kenneth Jones, Campus Dining Services
Ripaul Kinkela, Janitorial
Elizabeth Lind, English
Todd Long, Human Resources
Maria Machek, Janitorial
Mario Martinez, Janitorial
Kevin McMahon, Infrastructure Operations and Networking
Russell Meadors, Radio Station WGLT
Roberta Moore, School of Social Work
Michael Nettleton, Infrastructure Operations and Networking
Marianne Oglesby, Advancement and Foundation Operations
Andrew Person, Janitorial
Stacy Schmidgall, Janitorial
Robert Shuman, Technology
Julie Stanley, Building Maintenance
Yee Thant, Janitorial
Amber Thomas, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Denise Thomas, School of Communication
Brenda Tomlin, Clinical Experiences in Teacher Education
Mary Waller, Campus Dining Services
Laurie Wheatley, Admissions
Michele Whitworth, University Police
Cheri Williams, Campus Dining Services
Elizabeth Ziemer, Metcalf School