Congratulations to our dedicated Civil Service staff for reaching these important milestones in their careers at Illinois State University.

30 years
Kevin S. Bowman, Janitorial

25 years
Robert John Blick, Facilities Management
Barbara Darlene Foulk, Office of the Registrar
Sandy Sue Nordine, Learning Spaces and Audio/Visual Technologies
Keith A. Smith, Maintenance-Horton Field House

20 years
Michael R. Gibson, Administrative Technologies
Mary Amelia Weber, Bone Student Center

15 years
James P. Browne, WGLT radio Station
Darin Michael Ganci, Campus Dining Services
Eric A. Grab, Student Affairs-Information Technology
Matthew William Horton, Campus Dining Services
Dana R. Jones, University Advancement
Michael E. Williams, Campus Dining Services
Christopher R. Young, Milner Library

10 years
Gary Lee Bean, Janitorial
Robert S. Brooks, Janitorial
Susana Correa, Janitorial
Jay Michael Eganhouse, Janitorial
Rick A. Foster, Janitorial
Matthew David Frank, Janitorial
Joseph Clark Gross, Janitorial
Darien Alan Haywood, Janitorial
William D. Hoover, Janitorial
Laura Jane Jones, Comptroller’s Office
Sara M. Lorance, Janitorial
Ernest Diakfuka Nkangu, Janitorial
Serge N`Gambani Mbuilu, Janitorial
Maria A. McCarty, Janitorial
Mary L. Shoultz, Janitorial