Congratulations to our dedicated Civil Service staff for reaching these important milestones in their careers at Illinois State University.

35 years
Nancy Ellen Boulware, Milner Library

30 years
Rhonda F. Strong, Janitorial

25 years
Dianne Feasley, Campus Dining Services
Michelle Marie Harbin, Application Services

20 years
Winnetta Lynn Danner, Milner Library
Michelle L. Kiesewetter, Facilities Planning
Cherie D. Valentine, Politics and Government

15 years
Connie J. Borowski, Educational Administration and Foundations
Michael Edward Dargatz, Application Services
Kevin Michael Lund, Infrastructure Operations and Networking
Christena M. Lunzer, Human Resources
Marsha Lee Max, Student Health Services
Tammy Kay Peasley, University Police
Michael Brett Swigart, Campus Dining Services
Karen J. Webb, Comptroller’s Office

10 years
Seth Dean Brockmeyer, Administrative Technologies
Dana Diane Davidson, Graduate School
Mandy Jo Ganieany, Building Maintenance
Patricia A. McGuire, Campus Dining Services
Nathan Mark Rudge, Advancement and Foundation Operations
Amanda J. Schlehuber, Bone Student Center
Debra S. Schwarzentruber, Human Resources
Richard P. Unsbee, College of Fine Arts