Congratulations to our dedicated Civil Service staff for reaching these important milestones in their careers at Illinois State University.

40 years
Stanley Kaeb, Agriculture

25 years
Deborah Ann Mitchell, Registrar
Carol Ann Pfoff, Educational Administration and Foundations
Larry Harden Milby, Campus Services Division/Grounds

15 years
Christopher N. Cook, Building Maintenance
Kriss P. Davis, Application Services
Jeffrey M. Fishel, Janitorial
John P. Getz, University Marketing and Communications
Donald L. Hinthorn, Janitorial
Donald Lee Missel, Comptroller’s Office
Susan Mitchell, Mathematics
Corynne Renea Nuckols, Campus Dining Services

10 years
Michael B. Adams, Building Maintenance
Teresha Ann Bossingham, Admissions
Michael J. Brandt, Campus Services Division/Grounds
Ted Anthony Coussens, Learning Spaces and AV Technology
Charles D. Edwards, Milner Library
Jeremy Joseph Haag, Campus Services Division/Grounds
Christopher J. Homan, Office of Energy Management
Micah J. Kuchan, Learning Spaces and AV Technology
Timothy H. Murry, Transportation-Physical Plant
Kristen Marie Nesvacil, CollegeĀ of Fine Arts
William K. Stoops, Building Maintenance