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headshot of Dr. Tristen Johnson

WGSS Research Symposium to explore Reconcile, Rebuild, and Recover, April 12-16

The annual symposium, virtual this year, will include a combination of live and recorded performances, panel discussions, readings, and presentations, along with three keynote speakers in the evenings.

headshot of Chef Sean Sherman

Chef Sean Sherman leading events on decolonizing food systems

Founder of the company The Sioux Chef, Sean Sherman will share his journey of reviving and reimagining Indigenous cuisine. Events include a Normal Food Summit and a cook along with Chef Sherman.

photo of a zoom meeting

Students with career interest and passion for common good connect with alumni

Students explore how alumni are making an impact in their communities, learn about their careers, and identify career paths.

Rendering of a supernova explosion.

Can uranium snowflakes explode a star?

Dr. Matt Caplan co-authored a new paper for Physical Review Letters that theorizes uranium snowflakes forming the core of white dwarfs could ignite a supernova explosion.

professor at office desk with book

Human connection: COM professor helps students battle pandemic with empathy, compassion, and understanding

School of Communication Professor Dr. Joseph Zompetti M.A. ’95 is a rhetoric scholar, but during the pandemic his students have discovered that he is also a man rich in empathy. Now in his 18th year on faculty, Zompetti could relate to the anxiety that moving to online last year was causing some of his students. He felt it himself.

Headshot of senior political science major Lauren Harris, the student body president.

Day in the life: Student Body President Lauren Harris continues to lead

Student Body President Lauren Harris exemplifies the student who is highly involved across campus.

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