Where are they now: Virginia Owen

Virginia Owen

While an undergraduate studying mathematics and economics at Illinois State, Virginia Owen ’62 never envisioned she would return as faculty and make the University her home for more than three decades.

Where are they now: Judy Smithson

Judy Smithson

Judy Smithson’s long recovery made her more aware of a peer using crutches and another needing a wheelchair, instilling a passion to help people with disabilities.

Where are they now: Randy Winter

Randy Winter

The Department of Agriculture was at peak enrollment when Randy Winter joined the faculty in 1981. Among his most significant accomplishments was transitioning the University Farm to Lexington.

Where are they now: Jack Chizmar

Jack Chizmar

Jack Chizmar arrived at ISU in 1971, having completed his doctorate at Boston College. A native of Pennsylvania, he headed to the Midwest because Illinois State was the best of five job offers.

Where are they now: Dixie Mills

Dixie Mills

Dixie Mills came to Illinois State in 1980 and never left! She happily joined a thriving business school nearing AACSB accreditation as I completed her Ph.D. in finance at the University of Cincinnati. It was the right decision.

Where Are They Now: Max Rexroad

Max Rexroad

Max Rexroad joined the faculty in 1969 at the age of 27, expecting to remain until completing his dissertation at the University of Illinois. Plans changed when he realized the potential to help shape ISU’s program.

Where Are They Now: Sally Bulkley Pancrazio

Sally Bulkley Pancrazio

After graduate school and 18 years at the Illinois State Board of Education, I had the privilege of returning to ISU in 1990 as Educational Administration and Foundations chair before serving as the College of Education dean.

Where are they now? Naomi Towner

Naomi Towner

Professor Emerita of Art Naomi Towner has faced many difficulties since her days teaching the fiber arts, but she has come out smiling.