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You probably already know Illinois State University has quality academic programs, a fun and exciting campus climate, and hundreds of opportunities to get involved. But did you know that Illinois State is also full of people committed to solving problems on a local, national, and international level?

As we think this time of year about being grateful and helping others, I hope you’ll be inspired by these examples of Redbirds making an impact in their communities. And if you’re hoping to meet new people and make a difference in college—in your school, community, or even the world—I invite you to take a closer look at Illinois State!


Jeff Mavros
Director of Admissions

Illinois State student Kaitlyn Remian loads a discarded tire onto a boat on the Mississippi River as part of a cleanup during an Alternative Breaks trip to Grafton, Illinois.

The Mississippi River is indeed mighty. It flows south for over 2,300 miles from Lake Itasca, in northern Minnesota, to the Gulf of Mexico, making the ancient waterway one of the longest rivers in the world.

Children playing stringed instruments in ISU class at Western Avenue Community Center in Bloomington.

When the fourth grader was told she would have to turn in her cello at the end of the semester, she hugged her instrument.

Last April, more than 170 students spread out across Bloomington-Normal to lend a hand to residents and community organizations for the 10th annual Bring It Back to Normal. Students raking and do outside chores at a home.

You can’t say Illinois State students don’t give back to their college town.