The Illinois State University Alumni Association is here to keep you educated, connected and engaged. These virtual experiences allow Redbirds to do all three.

Learn about the history of ISU through a five-part virtual series covering residence halls, athletic facilities, College of Education, Homecoming, and Reggie Redbird. Test out your cooking skills with an easy summer salad or consider making a gift for #RedbirdImpact Month!

Find additional virtual activities and events through theĀ Alumni Association virtual website.

upper left: old photo of residence hall, upper right: football field, lower left: marching band, lower right: old reggie mascot

The rich history of Illinois State is coming to Redbird homes this summer with a five-part tour series.

Greek orzo salad

Learn how to make Greek orzo salad from the comfort of your home.

packages of markers

Past, present, and future Redbirds have the opportunity this summer to support local children through a school supply drive for the Back to School Alliance. The drive is a partnership among Alumni Engagement, the Center for Civic Engagement, and University College.

bust of Reggie in front of fireplace

The annual meeting will be held Saturday, June 19, in-person and online.