The Illinois State University Alumni Association is here to keep you educated, connected and engaged. These virtual experiences allow Redbirds to do all three.

Take a trip to the Dr. Jo Ann Rayfield Archives for our “roadshow” featuring fun, interesting, and memorable Redbird items. Also be sure to check out the next part of our virtual tour series as we get ready for Homecoming: 100 Years and revisit where it all began.

Find additional virtual activities and events through theĀ Alumni Association virtual website.

woman looking at portraits of presidents

Explore the collections of the Dr. Jo Ann Rayfield Archives to see some fun and unique items from Redbird history.

headshot of woman and headshot of man

Join Patti ’78 and Milledge Hart as they share how to continue to be engaged and grow healthy lifestyles following retirement.

upper left: old photo of residence hall, upper right: football field, lower left: marching band, lower right: old reggie mascot

The rich history of Illinois State is coming to Redbird homes this summer with a five-part tour series.

Reggie giving high five to runner

Get ready to run on campus or your favorite route for the Homecoming 2021 hybrid 5K.