Guang Jin

Greetings EH Alumni!

I’m excited to tell you about changes and updates in the Environmental Health Program at Illinois State University, but I want to start with news that we bid farewell and best wishes to George Byrns, Ph.D. and his wife, Chris, this summer. They have made the move to Las Vegas, Nevada, to be closer to family. This is George’s second retirement after nearly 20 years at ISU and a prior career with the U.S. Public Health Service. The time and effort that George put into teaching – both inside and outside of the classroom – has been an inspiration to all of us. In the article that follows, we asked George to reflect on some of his ISU experiences. If you’d like to communicate with George, you can reach him through his ISU email –

We are so pleased that several EH professionals have agreed to fill-in during the faculty-search process. You can read more about Jack Kaufmann, David McDermott, and Tom Fuller in the Faculty Updates section of this newsletter. Both Jack and David are ISU EH alumni!

Finally, we are pleased to announce that Chris Grieshaber, Ph.D. is the new Chair of the Department of Health Sciences. Taking over from Jeff Clark, Ph.D. who retired in June, Chris brings his experience as the former Director of the Safety Program at ISU. He joined the ISU faculty in 2006.

We love hearing from our graduates! Please feel free to contact me and our other faculty with your news and updates. See our contact information at the end of the newsletter.

Best wishes,


Guang Jin, Sc.D, P.E., EH Program Director

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