intersex inclusive pride progress flag created by Valentino Vecchietti created this redesign of the Pride flag for Intersex Equality Rights UK’s Intersex Inclusion and Visibility campaign

Assistant Professor Mallory Jallas and Senior Library Specialist Elizabeth Babin draw upon Milner Library’s collections for recommendations on readings to celebrate Pride Month.  

flowering tree on the ISU quad

Those seeking to train in restorative practices can sign up for workshops. Sessions will include an overview of restorative practices and focus on building proactive and responsive listening circles.  

partial cover of the journal Feral Feminism

The international, online publication Feral Feminisms dedicated their latest issue to asexual (ace) and aromantic (aro) authors and ace and aro content.  

Jenna Goldsmith

Dr. Jenna Goldsmith of Illinois State University is helping students explore the wealth of changes Title IX sparked, and hosting sexual justice author Alexandra Brodsky as a speaker June 8.