Screenshot of the 2020 CRCC event

The coronavirus pandemic didn’t stop the Redbird community from coming together for this year’s virtual Culturally Responsive Campus Community (CRCC) Conference.


The Office of the President announces the launch of biweekly messages highlighting our campus’ ongoing progress toward advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

headshot of DoctorJonPaul

Illinois State University’s Multicultural Center will be hosting a series of interactive programs titled Safe(ish).

A Zoom meeting for the Women's History Club.

The Women’s History Club meets regularly to discuss subjects related to women’s history.

Dr. René Shingles, M.S. ’86, and Mr. Stan Shingles ’82, M.S. ’88

An abiding sense of community has sustained and uplifted Stan ’82, M.S. ’88, and Dr. René Revis Shingles, M.S. ’86, throughout their lives.

Picture of Andrew Anastasia and Tracey Vogelsang

The support Andrew Anastasia ’06 received from LGBTQ+ advocates at Illinois State was essential to his success as a student and a professional. Now he is doing his part to give back to students who need that same help.