The RSO TRIBE (Teaching, Reviving, Indigenizing, Beautifying, and Equalizing) works to express how Indigenous people and culture are the present, far from being relegated to the history books.

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The talk by Dr. Maritza Quiñones-Rivera will be September 23 as part of Latinx Heritage Month.

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Events throughout the year will recognize Illinois State trailblazers from the past, educate the current generation of student-athletes, engage fans with memories, and lift up all that has been accomplished to give greater access and opportunity to women.

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The Fall International Seminar Series, A New Normal in a Global Context, continues. Register at IllinoisState.edu/SeminarSeries.

Art of the X-Men

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, ReggieCon will present a panel on September 23, focusing on the Latinx children’s adventure graphic novel Under the Cottonwood Tree.