Images of Jalani Day

Police continue investigation into death of student Jelani Day. Please continue to provide information to Bloomington Police at (309) 820-8888.

Reggie giving high five to runner

Get ready to run on campus or your favorite route for the Homecoming 2021 hybrid 5K.

Fell Gates

Illinois State University welcomed 3,374 freshmen to its student body for the 2021-2022 academic year. Total enrollment stands at 20,233.

tomato sauce with spices and textured black kitchen table

Breaking Bread in McLean County is a 10-part program series exploring stories of migration, immigration, adaptation, assimilation, appropriation, preservation, contribution, and sustentation in McLean County.

woman looking at portraits of presidents

Explore the collections of the Dr. Jo Ann Rayfield Archives to see some fun and unique items from Redbird history.

campus shot with flowers

Civil Service employees arriving, leaving, or reclassifying at Illinois State.

seal of Illinois State University carved in wood wit the words Gladly we learn and teach

Civil Service employees celebrating work anniversaries.