Up close and personal with one of the self-cloning marbled crayfish from Neurophysiology Professor Wolfgang Stein’s research laboratory.

Illinois State scientists are sequencing the genome of the marbled crayfish so neuroscientists can use the unique species to unlock mysteries in the human brain.

Q. Charles Su and Rainer Grobe have forged a long-lasting partnership at Illinois State. The work shown is from “Quantum-Mechanical Approach to the Laser-Assisted Vacuum Decay.” (Q. Z. Lv, S. Dong, C. Lisowski, R. Pelphrey, Y. T. Li, Q. Su, and R. Grobe) Physical Review A (2018).

Rainer Grobe and Q. Charles Su have become more than colleagues. For the last 23 years, the Distinguished Professors of physics have worked side by side on the cutting edge of laser research while mentoring scores of undergraduate students at Illinois State University.

Drawing of a wine trail

It made no sense to Peter Foreman that wineries would partner with their rivals, sending customers down the road, crowding onto the same website, and planning wine and cheese events together.

Andrew Hartman standing in front of shelves of books

Andrew Hartman could hardly have known in 2008, when he began writing his history on America’s culture wars of the late-20th century, how timely the book would turn out to be.

two women and two men standing and smiling

Over the Fulbright Program's 70-plus-year history, more than 370,000 scholars have taken part in the prestigious program, including at least 50 who teach at Illinois State University today.

John Tovar onstage talking to an actress

Out of all the places on Illinois State’s campus to spend the last few weeks as a student, John Tovar ’99, M.F.A ’18, chose a small, dingy diner.


Andrew Hartman, Illinois State University professor of history, offers a nuanced answer to the question, Why is higher education so liberal?


The launch of one of Illinois State University’s newest research centers is due in large part to the hard work and vision of a single professor.


Redbird scholar Kerri Milita explains the process its takes to impeach a president.


Stephen Hawking contributed more to our understanding of gravity than anyone else since Albert Einstein, according to Illinois State Assistant Professor of Physics Neil Christensen.


Illinois State professors Rick Valentin and Rose Marshack have released a new album with their long-running punk band Poster Children and are preparing to take their show back on the road.


Glen Sagers, a professor in Illinois State University's School of Information Technology, explains bitcoin.