Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz

Distinguished Professor of Politics and Government Ali Riaz's studies and work had carried him across Bangladesh, Hawaii, Singapore, and London, before he found a home at Illinois State University.

Woman pictured in shadows

Shelly Clevenger of the Department of Criminal Justice Sciences has spent years examining the impact of sexual assault on survivors and their families.

Mirna Bamieh, Potato Talks

Elisabeth Friedman’s research examines Palestinian art and artists through the prism of the 2016 Qalandiya International Art Biennial.

Illinois State anthropology students Brian Keeling and Molly McManus dig through the thick soil at the Noble-Wieting site.

Illinois State students uncovered many artifacts and began answering many questions during their four-week field school at the Noble-Wieting archaeological site.

Paper bag full of peeled peanuts and peanuts in nutshell on a piece of wood

Redbird Scholar Jennifer Barnes answers the question, Are there any health benefits associated with eating meat?

Professor Shawn Hitchcock (center) works in his research laboratory with students Stephanie Waggoner and Eric Jacobsen.

Professor Shawn Hitchcock's students are exploring more efficient and cheaper methods to make pharmaceutical drugs in his laboratory.

(Courtesy of Flickr user thierry ehrmann: https://www.flickr.com/photos/home_of_chaos/2133334654/in/photolist-4fvU4Y-4fvU5L-9TJdHN-8sqZph-9MFwT1-dYqyPu-aq1ua1-beqcfv-8LUVvW-XPF5pg-9Q317h-ceZiXN-s6mET1-dravoe-eiwjcF-pEZ6Jq-4AVsFN-4AVvb1-p8QWN5-6xLzw3-afNBMA-7omLXG-bhxdVp-8M9Nzt-rqWShq-ajyg2w-4ARdiV-n8FadK-4ARcT6-afHTQM-7ohRqi-Y1DFkS-4ARry2-4ARdMx-nVvJbD-pqCT52-JMzzdX-94MQw4-afMe99-ik8Ak4-acZZGH-9iEZU1-4ARvHv-bhmhRp-eWEhDS-8KznRv-4AVJ73-4ARwEv-8DHR83-bEz1Z8)

Redbird Scholar Matthew Himley answers the question, Why are humans bent on self-destruction?

Lynne Haeffele standing in front of bookcase

This issue we spotlight the Center for the Study of Education Policy (CSEP) in the College of Education.

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in Munich, Germany, ca. June 1940. (Courtesy of Flickr user Marion Doss: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ooocha/2629711091/in/gallery-skorpion3-72157648680388178/)

Redbird Scholar Joseph Zompetti answers the question, Could the U.S. ever have a fascist leader?

Katrin Paehler in her office, surrounded by books

Here are the latest books by Illinois State faculty and staff.

Conceptual image about human voice

Redbird Scholar Kimberly Adelman answers the question, Do our voices age?