As the 2017-2018 academic year came to its close, the School of Communication proudly recognized excellence among its alumni, students, and faculty during its annual COM Week series of events.

Man playing the guitar with the words Sweet Dreams Do Come True Verlon Thomson a Musical Memoir in the text

School of Communication Mass Media Professor Brent Simonds has received honorable recognition for his documentary, Sweet Dreams Do Come True: Verlon Thompson, a Musical Memoir.

The 2017-2018 school year has been full of achievements within the School of Communication. SoC students, both current and alumni, have demonstrated amazing work ethic and undeniable talents that have propelled them into the spotlight on and off campus.

What can be done with a $10,000 grant? For the School of Communication, it can be specifically used for internationalizing its curriculum, and particularly the communication studies major.

Public relations majors at Illinois State University are getting real world experience as part of their capstone classes.


Where do we go from here? Executive Director of the School of Communication Professor Stephen Hunt is looking forward to seeing the school soar to new heights in the upcoming years.