Why do students choose not to pursue college, or drop out of college, even when they are provided with significant college counseling, external encouragement, and assistance in accessing financial aid?


Summer is a great time to plan for and even execute professional development for early education.  The B-3 Continuity Project partnered with Pat Chamberlain and Julie Kallenbach to present a series of trainings on Developmentally Appropriate Practices.  Through further collaboration, we are now happy to offer a comprehensive professional development option.


Ashley Long, Ph.D., the director of the Illinois Birth-to-Third Grade Continuity Project at the Center for the Study of Education Policy, was able to sit down with leaders from the field of social work to discuss potential ways that local partnerships can address society’s grand challenges.

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Below are upcoming opportunities to explore.

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Below are resources for early childhood professionals and those serving the early childhood community.

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The following resources focus on the educational climate and betterment of those serving the K–12 educational community.

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The following is a list of recent resources for those focused on the professional improvement of teachers, principals, and other educational leaders.

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Here are some new resources and news for the field of higher education.

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The following resources might be helpful to school districts and the community partners who work with them.