Are you looking for ways to improve your student and program outcomes? Learn about Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) guidelines for effective teachers. Understand how DAP…


Come find out more about the recent release of ISBE’s Preschool for All and Preschool for All Expansion RFPs which are due January 12, 2018.


Professor Maureen Kincaid (North Central College), Assistant Professor Kathy Black (North Central College) and Assistant Professor Kathleen King (North Central College) presented An Immersive Collaborative Approach to Principal Internships on November 10, 2017.


Dr. Erika Hunt, senior policy analyst at Illinois State’s Center for the Study of Education Policy, presented  Piloting Comprehensive School Leadership (CSL) Hubs as a Collective Approach to Strengthen School Leadership November 10, 2017 at the 15th Annual Focus on Illinois Education Research Symposium. 


Erika Hunt, senior policy analyst at Illinois State’s Center for the Study of Education Policy, presented "Improving Teacher Preparation Policy and Program: Building a High-Quality Teacher Workforce in Illinois" October 27 at Illinois Associate of Colleges for Teacher Education's (IACTE) Fall 2017 Conference.


At a time when the talent demands of the U.S. economy are escalating more rapidly than ever, when employers’ bottom lines are being hurt by the inability to secure desperately needed talent, when U.S. universities remain talent magnets for regions, states, the nation, and the globe, we seem intent on performing stupid magic tricks to make talent disappear.


Dr. Mary Kay Scharf, Director of Principal Leadership at Bloomington Public Schools and Assistant Professor at Illinois State University presented Preparing Principals: The Illinois Story on November 1, 2017 at the Utah Legislature's Education Interim Committee meeting. 

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