Reactions: The future of gas prices


Professor of Finance Edgar Norton talks about the current decline and future of gas prices. If you don’t like the weather in Illinois, some say—wait a while. It will change. The same holds for gas prices at the pump. Fortunately, in recent months, the trend of the price at the pump has been drifting down

Volkswagen scandal confirms why Clean Air Act still vital

image of the sky

Volkswagen’s blatant fraud has consequences that adversely impact public and environmental health worldwide. The car manufacturer may face billions in fines from the United States for violating the Clean Air Act. Illinois State University’s Director of Sustainability Missy Nergard talks about why the 45-year-old act is still so important.

Reactions: Migration crisis

images of migrants form war-torn areas flood into Europe.

As hundreds of thousands pour into Europe to escape war-torn areas, Associate Professor of Sociology Winfred Avogo explores the shift in population amid the turmoil.