Urban immersion

Student teacher working with a child

The National Center for Urban Education (NCUE) prepares future educators to thrive in diverse settings.

Educational entrepreneur

Parker Duwelius

Special education alum Parker Duwelius ’19 saw an opportunity to create an environment to help others develop deeper relationships with their peers while volunteering in a special needs classroom.

Reinventing the P-12 doctorate

A doctoral candidate in conversation with student.

“If you really want to keep a $20 bill safe, put it in your final manuscript. It will still be there waiting for you in 10 years,” one of Dr. Dianne Renn’s colleagues told her years ago.

Fighting at the margins

Alum Daniel Jackson works with a student on a literacy lesson.

Redbird teacher preparation strives to adapt, improve practices surrounding the needs of diverse learners.

Nested in excellence

Pre-service teachers speak with a parent avatar during a Virtual Nest simulation.

Virtual learning simulation provides valuable practice in a low-stakes environment