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Redbird Scholar Fall 2016 cover textless with woman under bed sheets looking scared with hair stretching above her head
Can’t sleep? ISU’s sleep specialist explains why and offers tips for sleeping well.

Volume 2 • Number 1 • Fall 2016

Q&A with Nursing Professor Teresa Valerio: Secrets of sleep

Teresa Valerio is an assistant professor in the Mennonite College of Nursing, a family nurse practitioner, and a sleep specialist. She has a clinical practice in sleep disorders at Illinois State University’s Student Health Services, and in 2012, she became the first nurse practitioner to be board certified in behavioral sleep medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

Gabriel Gudding

Powerful pen: Lauded faculty poet redefines, advances old genre

Gabriel Gudding is a poet, essayist, and translator.[

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Scare tactics: Messages of fear, anger popular in 2016 campaigns

From immigration and employment, to terrorism and loss of patriotic pride, savvy politicians can employ messages to stir fear (and offer themselves as the solution).

Hillary Clinton

After Hillary: If America elects its first female president, what changes?

Hillary Clinton’s election would be loaded with significance, but one thing it wouldn’t mean is that men and women are suddenly on a level cultural playing field come November 9.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Unprecedented fight: Scalia’s death puts Supreme Court on trial during election

The sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13 not only left a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, but it also pulled the very future of the court into the turmoil of a heated presidential election.

Barack Obama image

What campaign logos can tell us about our next president

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama wasn’t just a politician. He was a brand.

Kristi Probst with a student and a teacher

Doctoral student researches ways to educate deaf-blind children with autism

Research into how to best teach a child who is blind, deaf, and autistic is scant. There is not even a reliable estimate of how many students have all three disabilities. Kristi Probst ’96, M.S. ’98, is working to fill those gaps.

Lauretta Schaefer and Professor Doris Houston sitting

Former foster youth research how to help peers succeed

Lauretta Schaefer is a dance education major who spent her early childhood in the foster care system before being adopted. Now she is working with Social Work Professor Doris Houston, director of Illinois State’s Center for Child Welfare and Adoption Studies, to investigate the factors that influence academic success for Illinois students who have spent time in foster care.

Wind turbines

Research spotlight: Center for Renewable Energy

Redbird Scholar magazine spotlights a different research center at Illinois State University in every issue. This time we look at the Center for Renewable Energy.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Ask a Redbird Scholar: How did we end up with 2 unpopular presidential candidates?

How do you think that the presidential election has gotten to where it is, with two candidates who have such vehement opposition?

Artist illustration of events on the sun changing the conditions in Near-Earth space. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

Ask a Redbird Scholar: Is there weather in space?

Why don’t we have weather in space?

Monarch butterfly on aster

Ask a Redbird Scholar: Is the monarch butterfly population rebounding?

I seem to have noticed more monarch butterflies recently than in years past. Is the population rebounding, or is it just my imagination?

Professor John Sedbrook with pennycress at Millenium Park in Chicago.

Redbird scholars receive grants to domesticate pennycress, expand pre-K

Redbird scholars receive grants to domesticate pennycress, expand pre-K

Dr. Joseph Blaney head shot

Redbird media: News books by ISU scholars

The following summaries of books authored or edited by Illinois State faculty appear in the fall 2016 print issue of the Redbird Scholar.